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Tigray conflict: Ethiopia detains 16 UN workers and accuses them of ‘terror act’

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Ten minste 16 United Nations local employees have been detained in Ethiopia’s capital, the UN said, and a government spokesperson asserted they were held for their “participation in terror” under a state of emergency as...

Die Guardian-siening oor Ethiopië: dieper in 'n ramp gly

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Dat oorloë maklik is om te begin en moeilik om te beëindig, is 'n alledaagse, maar een wat ambisieuse leiers steeds vergeet. Binne weke nadat hy verlede November sy aanval op die Tigray-streek geloods het – en gesê dat sy owerhede 'n aanval gehad het..

Ethiopia declares state of emergency as Tigrayan rebels gain ground

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Ethiopia has declared a state of emergency after forces from the northern region of Tigray said they were gaining territory and considering marching on the capital Addis Ababa. The declaration came as Joe Biden accuse...

Ethiopia: Tigrayan forces ‘seize strategic town in Amhara region’

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Tigrayan forces said on Saturday that they had seized the strategic town of Dessie in Ethiopia’s Amhara region where tens of thousands of people have sought refuge from an escalation in the conflict. Fighters with the...

Ethiopia airstrikes target Tigray rebels as aerial campaign continues

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Ethiopia has carried out two airstrikes in Tigray as the government intensifies a nearly week-old campaign of aerial bombardment against the rebellious forces who control most of the region. One strike hit the western...

UK announces extra £29m of humanitarian aid for Ethiopia

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The UK has announced an extra £29m of humanitarian aid to people affected by the deepening conflict in northern Ethiopia, as the foreign secretary, Liz Truss, reviews what kind of further pressure can be placed on the...

Ethiopia expels ‘meddling’ UN staff as famine deepens in Tigray without aid

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The Ethiopian government has told seven senior UN officials to leave the country, accusing them of “meddling in internal affairs”. A statement from the foreign ministry said the officials – who include staff from the ...

Rebel forces accused of killing more than 100 civilians in north Ethiopia

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Rebel forces in northern Ethiopia have been accused of killing more than a hundred civilians during fierce battles. Local government officials said the massacre in a village 6 myl (10km) from the town of Dabat took ...

Ethiopia starts building local rival to Facebook

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Ethiopia has begun developing its own social media platform to rival Facebook, Twitter and WhatsApp, though it does not plan to block the global services, the state communications security agency has said. Ethiopia ha...

Ethiopia conflict set to escalate after Tigray rebels refuse to withdraw

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Ethiopia’s spreading conflict has escalated after the government warned that it could deploy its “entire defensive capability” against the restive Tigray region after advances by rebels into neighbouring regions. Afte ...

Ethiopia suspends aid groups for ‘spreading misinformation’

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The Ethiopian government has suspended the work of two international aid organisations for three months, including in the conflict-hit Tigray region, accusing them of spreading misinformation. Ethiopia Current Issues ...

He pledged unity. But now PM hopes to tighten grip on war-torn Ethiopia

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Tens of millions of Ethiopians are expected to vote on Monday in crucial elections that could provide a launchpad for controversial prime minister Abiy Ahmed to consolidate his increasingly authoritarian rule. Abiy, w ...

Ethiopia rejects calls for ceasefire in Tigray, claiming victory is near

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The Ethiopian government has defiantly brushed aside international calls for a ceasefire in the northern province of Tigray, saying its forces are close to “finalising operations” and will soon eliminate all armed opp...

The alleged atrocities in Tigray risk tearing Ethiopia apart

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When Ethiopia’s government under prime minister Abiy Ahmed launched a military offensive to dislodge the Tigray region’s dissident leadership, he promised a rapid surgical operation. The war, which began on 3 November...

Ethiopia: 1,900 people killed in massacres in Tigray identified

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Amper 2,000 people killed in more than 150 massacres by soldiers, paramilitaries and insurgents in Tigray have been identified by researchers studying the conflict. The oldest victims were in their 90s and the younge...