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Eternal death and Adolf Hitler: an ode to Life After Life, the year’s most underrated TV show

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Verwoester waarskuwing: this article includes details of the final episode of Life After Life. Do not read on unless you have watched the first three episodes. Groundhog Day stories are always tense. No one wants to spend thei...

Hindu gods, Aztec rites, Blondie hits … why the heart is our eternal symbol

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A man in Maryland has been given a pig’s heart as a transplant (genetically modified, phew), and the old chestnut rolls out again: won’t that maybe somehow make him … piggy? The rationalists laugh, and the surgeons re...

‘I did the vocals in the nude’ – the Bangles on how they made Eternal Flame

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In 1988, it felt like the Bangles had been touring endlessly. Our second album, Different Light, with the singles Manic Monday and Walk Like an Egyptian, had been released two years earlier. Nou, uiteindelik, we could tak...