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Elizabeth line: Crossrail complete after decades of struggle – a photo essay

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Almost four decades elapsed between the first official proposals for an east-west “Crossrail” line under London, and the start of construction works for what would eventually become the Elizabeth line. After the knock...

Life on the edge: Land loss on England’s east coast – a photo essay

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In between the pandemic lockdowns of 2020, Max Miechowski began travelling to the east of England to photograph the parts of the coast that due to natural erosion are, year by year, día a día, falling into the sea. Revisión de mazo.

Romanian rural workers – a photo essay

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The sun is fierce as we drive into Maramureș. It is high summer and the heady scent of hay streams through the windows. Tall grasses and wildflowers sway in the breeze and handmade haystacks dot the fields. It is brea...

The volunteers saving animals in Ukraine – photo essay

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Más que 5 million people have fled Ukraine and millions more have been internally displaced since the start of the Russian invasion. But volunteers have also been coordinating daily rescue missions to save thousands...

Reseña de Your Mum and Dad: ensayo inspirado en Larkin sobre las heridas psicológicas de una familia

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Hay algo de material perspicaz en este ensayo-película personal del documentalista y periodista holandés Klaartje Quirijns., abiertamente inspirado en el poema de Philip Larkin This Be the Verse sobre tu mamá y tu papá follándose...

Behind the Shop Facade: the life and times of Maurice Dorfman

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“More than 60 people have shared their memories and mementoes with me, such is the breadth and depth of affection for Maurice in the local community, and the desire to help me create a fitting tribute,” says the south...

The people who keep the refugee trains running out of Ukraine – photo essay

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Windows shuttered and lights dimmed, a darkened train pulls into a station platform, also unlit. As the train comes to a halt, carriage attendants toss boxes of humanitarian aid to station workers waiting on the platf...

The people helping Ukraine from the UK – photo essay

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This photo project is intended to inspire others to recognise the power they hold and to take action. It includes Marc Wilson, in Bristol, who drove to Paris to fill out visa applications for a family of six, Zac and ...

In grave danger: life in Lviv during war – photo essay

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Andrii wanted to quit smoking. That was before 24 febrero, the beginning of the large-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine. Desde entonces, cigarette butts have started to collect again in the ashtray on his balcony. With t...

Guardería golpeada por bombardeos después de que separatistas respaldados por Rusia abrieran fuego en el este de Ucrania – video: a war diary from Lviv – photo essay

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For the inhabitants of Lviv, being woken up in the middle of the night by the air raid siren is a warning that, despite being untouched so far by the bombings, the time may also come for them. In over 10 years of work...

Glasgow homes under the jackhammer – a photo essay

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Glasgow is no stranger to demolitions – the city’s built environment has been torn down, built up, and then torn down again every generation. It has witnessed the wholesale demolition of many of its tenements in the 1...

The other wild west in the Spanish desert – photo essay

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The worn wooden panels squeak under Rafael Molina’s heavy steps as he paces the saloon. Fuera de, the sound of a few loose galloping horses resonates from afar, breaking the silence of the surrounding desert. The town’...

Two weeks of war in Ukraine – photo essay

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After the deployments, the denials and the diplomacy came the invasion and, with it, a war that was thoroughly foretold and yet still shocking in its savagery. A war with no rules, no limits and no quarter. El primero ...

Bob Dylan essay collection celebrating art of songwriting to be published

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Bob Dylan will publish a new essay collection celebrating songs by peers such as Elvis Costello, Hank Williams and Nina Simone. Dylan began work on The Philosophy of Modern Song in 2010, according to a press release. ...

Afghanistan six months on from the Taliban takeover – photo essay

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August’s adrenaline may have worn off but the harrowing memories have not faded. It’s been six months since the Taliban took Kabul, the country’s then president and his cabinet fled and thousands of people flooded the...

Wild north pioneers on energy politics’ coldest battle front – a photo essay

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2022 – The Russian Arctic region, an area of 7,000 sq km atop the planet stretching from Finland to Alaska on which Moscow bureaucrats bestowed the name Zone of Absolute Discomfort, is wretched to live in, but just ho...

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