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A herd of ‘cocaine hippos’ from Pablo Escobar’s private zoo are being sterilized

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A group of rampant hippopotamuses, introduced by the late Colombia drug lord Pablo Escobar to his private zoo, are being sterilized by the country’s wildlife services, after mounting concern that the 80-strong herd pr...

‘I was terrified’: the vet sterilizing Pablo Escobar’s cocaine hippos

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When Gina Paola Serna studied to become a biologist and veterinarian in Colombia, she never expected to one day be tasked with neutering an invasive herd of hippos that once belonged to Pablo Escobar. When they were s...

Pablo Escobar’s ‘cocaine hippos’ are people too, US court rules

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The offspring of hippos once owned by Colombian drug kingpin Pablo Escobar can be recognized as people or “interested persons” with legal rights in the US following a federal court order. The case involves a lawsuit a...

Can an animal be a person? Yes – if they are Pablo Escobar’s cocaine hippos

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For all those who keep up with Pablo Escobar’s “cocaine hippos”, some happy news: a federal US court has recognised them as “interested persons” with legal rights. The hippos owned by the late Colombian kingpin, and t...

How Pablo Escobar’s ‘cocaine hippos’ became a biodiversity nightmare

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Animals brought illegally to Colombia by the drug kingpin have been allowed to roam free and are now disrupting the fragile ecosystem How to listen to podcasts: everything yo...