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Escaped zebras bamboozle Maryland officials: ‘They’re just too fast’

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More comfortable with rounding up lost dogs and rescuing kittens from trees, a team of animal control officers in Maryland’s second-most-populous county is wrestling with an unprecedented challenge: how to catch a daz...

Captain Volkogonov Escaped review – on the run in through-the-mirror Soviet Russia

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With a title that nods to Robert Bresson and a high concept script that doffs its cap to The Fugitive, this film is in fact very much its own beast, a rollicking cat-and-mouse thriller pungently set in a Soviet Russia...

Escaped elephants wreak havoc in south-west China – video report

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A herd of 15 elephants have caused destruction in south-west China, including eating fields of corn and smashing up barns, after escaping from Xishuangbanna nature reserve in Yunnan province. Op Dinsdag, Yunnan author...

Escaped elephants leave 500km trail of destruction in China

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A herd of 15 elephants have caused destruction in south-western China, including eating whole fields of corn and smashing up barns, after escaping from a nature reserve in April. Over the past week, the animals have ...

‘I needed growing space’: why I escaped to the country

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In February this year, my partner, Chris, and I left London with a car full of boxes, houseplants and our cat, Rumbles. Na 20 years in the capital, we were heading to a new life in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire, to...

Escaped girls tell of insurgents’ mass abductions in Mozambique

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Insurgents in Mozambique have abducted hundreds of women and girls, forcing many into sexual relations with fighters and possibly trafficking others elsewhere in Africa, interviews with some who have escaped the extre...

Monkeys thought to have escaped private collection on loose in Cincinnati

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At least five monkeys are on the loose in Cincinnati after being spotted swinging from the trees in a graveyard in the Ohio city’s West Side neighborhood. Local media reported that residents called the police in alarm...

Beeldmateriaal wys die dramatiese Extreme E-ongeluk waarin Claudia Hürtgen onbeseerd ontsnap het - video

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Claudia Hürtgen het Saterdag ongeskonde aan 'n ernstige ongeluk ontsnap tydens die openingsessie van Extreme E-kwalifisering. Die motor van die Duitse bestuurder het verskeie kere omgeslaan voordat hy tot stilstand gekom het. Extreme E getwiet video van die ...