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Sunak needs coherent plan with serious firepower for great economic escape

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Britain’s economy is at a turning point. Growth is slowing, with the rising chance of recession, inflation is at the highest level for 40 años, and expected to hit 11% this autumn as the country suffers an earlier an...

Summer reading: la 50 hottest new books for a great escape

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The Exhibitionist by Charlotte MendelsonLonglisted for the Women’s prize, this is a darkly funny portrait of a dysfunctional family bent out of shape over decades by its narcissistic artist patriarch – and of what hap...

Reseña de The Escape Artist de Jonathan Freedland: cómo una fuga de Auschwitz alertó al mundo

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fue alrededor de septiembre 1942, el mes en que cumplió 18, que Rudolf Vrba tomó una decisión trascendental. Había estado encarcelado en Auschwitz desde junio y estaba trabajando en la rampa donde se enviaba a la mayoría de los recién llegados..

The Escape Artist by Jonathan Freedland review – the first Jews to escape Auschwitz

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“It was my good fortune” are the opening words of Primo Levi’s memoir If This Is a Man, and good fortune is the chief reason Levi gave for his survival in Auschwitz. Other factors helped too: fitness, intelligence, ad...

Hundreds escape flood waters in Queensland as state lashed by severe thunderstorms

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Hundreds of Queenslanders have fled to higher ground or been rescued from flood waters with thousands on alert on Friday night as severe thunderstorms lash the state’s south-east. Intense rainfall has hit Brisbane, Ip...

Alabama corrections officer wanted for allegedly helping inmate escape

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Authorities issued an arrest warrant on Monday for a corrections official who they say helped an inmate arrested on a murder charge escape from an Alabama jail. The search for the pair continued. The inmate, Casey Col...

‘This is my escape’: scenes from the Elvis festival that takes over a small town

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Sheryl Scharkie knows she isn’t the typical Elvis tribute artist. “Female Elvis tribute artists aren’t necessarily well-received,” she tells Guardian Australia. In fact she’s one of only two in the country. “Ten years...

Lorna Miller sobre la gran fuga de Bojo Bunter – caricatura

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Belgian man accused of helping terrorist escape Paris denies involvement

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A Belgian man accused of helping Salah Abdeslam escape Paris after the November 2015 terrorist attacks has told a court he was not involved in the bombings and shootings and had no knowledge of them in advance. Mohamm...

Ukraine begs Putin to let civilians escape ruins of Mariupol

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Ukraine’s government has beseeched Vladimir Putin to let civilians leave the devastated city of Mariupol as a convoy of 15 buses carrying 1,114 evacuees set off on a tense escape through territory occupied by Russian ...

‘There is no escape’: inside a hospital in Ukraine

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Bila Tserkva’s No2 hospital was emptied of patients and its cold-war-era bomb shelter filled with beds to prepare for the horror its doctors have watched overwhelm medics in other cities. The few dozen patients they h...

Putin-linked Russian oligarchs with Australian assets escape Morrison government sanctions

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The Morrison government is facing questions over why it has not included two Russian oligarchs, who have assets in Australia, among those it has imposed sanctions against over the invasion of Ukraine. Oleg Deripaska, ...

New Zealand parrot steals camera and films airborne escape – video

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A kleptomaniac parrot briefly stole a GoPro camera and took it on a sweeping tour of a remote region of New Zealand. The kea took off with the device after it was placed outside by the Verheul family, who were hiking ...

Kleptomaniac New Zealand parrot steals GoPro, films airborne escape

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A kleptomaniac parrot has become the latest contributor to New Zealand cinema, after stealing a GoPro camera and taking it on a sweeping tour of remote Fiordland. Aotearoa’s native alpine parrot species, the kea, is k...

Monkeys escape after truck carrying 100 animals to a laboratory crashes in US

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Police in Pennsylvania are searching for at least three monkeys that have escaped after a truck carrying about 100 of the animals was involved in a crash. The truck carrying the monkeys collided with a dump truck on F...

Reseña de Te amo pero he elegido la oscuridad de Claire Vaye Watkins – rutas de escape

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"Yo quería,” dice el narrador de la segunda novela de Claire Vaye Watkins, “comportarse como un hombre, uno un poco malo "- y si alguna vez hubo una oración para poner en una bolsa de mano, es este. ¿Qué mujer no ha, a veces, lon...

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