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Dear Evan Hansen review – satanically ingenious musical is suffocatingly ersatz

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By the end of its long running time, there’s something entirely unbearable about this pass-agg weepie teen-empathy musical, adapted from the 2015 stage hit. And that’s despite a satanically ingenious high-concept prem...

Germany’s reputation precedes them – but this team are the ersatz version

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Let’s try a quick thought exercise. Team A, ranked No 4 in the world, comfortably topped its group and is on a run of nine games without defeat, with a defence that has conceded just five goals in its last 17 matches....

The ersatz hedge: how we’re debasing England’s rural landscape

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Remember the English hedge? That meandering, bushy-bottomed muddle of blossom and blackberries, honeysuckle and wild rose, singing warblers and gothic trees half-buried in the greenery? Più di 150,000 miles were gr...