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US intelligence errors helped build myth of Nazi Alpine redoubt, says historian

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A US spymaster inadvertently helped the Nazis develop one of the most effective disinformation campaigns of the second world war by spreading rumours about Hitler’s plans for a Where Eagles Dare-style Alpine redoubt, ...

Purplebricks to set aside up to £9m to cover lettings errors

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Online estate agency Purplebricks will be forced to set aside as much as £9m after it found that its lettings business had failed to follow law protecting tenants’ deposits. The company on Monday said it would delay p...

Kurt Zouma earns West Ham victory as Liverpool run ends with Alisson errors

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The scenes at the final whistle said it all. An explosion of noise from most of those in attendance while, in front of them, those in claret and blue celebrated and sighed in relief in equal measure. It had been that ...

Covid en vivo: Russia reports record 1,000 fallecidos; UK investigates testing errors

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Country’s death toll passes 1,000 mark for first time since the start of the pandemic; record number of Covid jabs administered by healthcare workers

Our Ladies review – boisterous comedy of schoolgirl errors

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“Bottoms up, knickers down” is the unofficial motto of Our Lady of Perpetual Succour, a Catholic school in the Scottish Highlands whose rambunctious choir take a day trip to Edinburgh to compete in a singing competiti...

‘I am still waiting’: some Australians turned away from getting Covid vaccine because of register errors

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Incorrect or missing records on the national immunisation register are causing some people to be turned away from getting a Covid-19 vaccine in locked-down Sydney, while others are being wrongly recorded as receiving ...

What if police violence was scrutinized as ruthlessly as athletes’ errors?

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Thirty-three weeks. That’s how long it had been since the Milwaukee Bucks walked away from a playoff game against the Orlando Magic. That boycott – hatched after police in Wisconsin shot an unarmed black man named Jac...

Liverpool’s unforced errors cannot detract from the one Klopp made

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Eradicate the mistakes, pass the ball better and Liverpool will be unrecognisable against Real Madrid next Wednesday with or without the backing of a frenzied Anfield crowd. Ese, por lo menos, was Jürgen Klopp’s hope dur...

Correo matutino: Morrison apologises, vaccine rollout errors, Facebook leak

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Buenos dias! There’s plenty happening today on Wednesday 24 marzo. Thankfully rain is easing on the east coast but there is still danger in flood waters. Vaccine rollouts aren’t going to plan in Australia and Facebo...

The Guardian view on finance failures: manmade errors amplified by machines

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The late economist Hyman Minsky was a pioneer in understanding finance’s grip on the US economy – and the consequences for society. En la década de 1980, he predicted the rise of “money manager capitalism” and foresaw that in...