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Clean environment is a human right, UN council agrees

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The UN’s main human rights body has overwhelmingly voted to recognise the right to a safe, limpio, healthy and sustainable environment as a human right, and to appoint an expert to monitor human rights in the context o...

La Agencia de Medio Ambiente debe hacer más para proteger al niño, 5, de los vapores de los vertederos, tribunal de reglas

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El tribunal superior ha dictaminado que la Agencia de Medio Ambiente debe hacer más para proteger a un niño de cinco años de los vapores de los vertederos que, según los médicos, están acortando su esperanza de vida.. En una revisión judicial, interpuesto en nombre de Mathew R ...

‘The trauma stays with me’: ex-pupils of London school tell of ‘toxic and abusive’ environment

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Más que 100 former students at a troubled London academy have published an open letter to its governors, Ofsted and the government alleging a catalogue of serious failings in pastoral care and safeguarding of pupils...

Acusaciones de entorno laboral "tóxico" en una de las mejores escuelas de Londres

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Gobernadores en la escuela Holland Park, una de las mejores academias de Londres, han iniciado una investigación independiente sobre las acusaciones sobre el entorno laboral "tóxico" de la escuela bajo la dirección de uno de los directores mejor pagados de Inglaterra, ...

Steve Bell on the royal family’s approach to the environment – cartoon

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Environment activist shot dead outside Nairobi home after death threats

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A prominent environment activist has been shot dead near her home in Kenya, after receiving multiple death threats following her campaign against the development of wetlands in a national park. Joannah Stutchbury, 67,...

Trillions of dollars spent on Covid recovery in ways that harm environment

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Trillions of dollars poured into rescuing economies around the world from the Covid-19 crisis have been spent in ways that worsen the climate crisis and harm nature because governments have failed to fulfil promises o...

Water industry in England failing on raw sewage pollution, Environment Agency finds

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The water industry in England is failing to cut pollution from spills of raw sewage into rivers and coastal waters, the Environment Agency has said. Southern Water, which was fined a record £90m last week for dumping ...

UK’s Environment Agency faces legal fight over landfill fumes

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A five-year-old boy from Staffordshire has begun legal action against the Environment Agency over fumes from a landfill site that a medical expert has said is shortening his life expectancy. Campaigners said a letter ...

Alarm over plans to shield post-Brexit environment watchdog from scrutiny

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The body created to regulate, monitor and enforce environmental standards in the UK post-Brexit will be shielded from scrutiny as a result of prohibitions on access to information, campaigners say. The Office for Envi...

Brazil environment minister quits amid inquiry into illegal Amazon logging

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Brazil’s environment minister has quit amid a criminal investigation into whether he obstructed a police inquiry into illegal logging in the Amazon rainforest. A supreme court justice authorised the investigation of R...

Environment Agency needs £120m grant restored to protect rivers, says CEO

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The head of the Environment Agency has called for the government to reinstate a £120m grant to help increase surveillance of water companies and cut pollution in rivers. Sir James Bevan, chief executive of the agency,...

Biden’s Justice40 plan offers hope of a fairer environment – but can it work?

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Indigenous farmers in the Isleta Pueblo, south of Albuquerque, New Mexico, have long relied on crops of corn and green chiles fed by the Rio Grande river, but amid a water crisis in the western US they are facing warn...

Overconsumption and the environment: should we all stop shopping?

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I fear I’m in JB MacKinnon’s bad books. Halfway through our Zoom interview, I tilt my camera to adjust to the setting sun – but from this new angle, an e-commerce box can be spotted over my shoulder. Its barcode glows...

Ministers accused of hypocrisy over ‘toothless’ environment bill

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Ministers have been accused of hypocrisy in bringing forward a “toothless” environment bill that will fail to protect against developers concreting over valuable green space, lack provisions for improving air quality,...

Is Britain becoming a hostile environment for EU citizens?

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As Covid travel restrictions begin to be lifted, a new, far less welcoming post-Brexit attitude is greeting EU citizens at the UK border How to listen to podcasts: everythin...

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