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This entire midwestern town moved uphill to escape flooding. Can others do the same?

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When Valmeyer, Illinois, was hit by the great flood of 1993 and faced obliteration, residents made an unexpected choice: the town decided to rebuild from the ground up – this time, about two miles east and 400ft highe...

Actualización de NSW Covid: entire state in lockdown as premier warns ‘this is literally a war’

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New South Wales has been forced into a snap statewide lockdown after enduring its worst day of the Covid-19 pandemic so far, con 466 new cases and four deaths. Australia’s most populous state has tightened restrictio...

IPCC report shows ‘possible loss of entire countries within the century’

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Global heating above 1.5C will be “catastrophic” for Pacific island nations and could lead to the loss of entire countries due to sea level rise within the century, los expertos han advertido. The Pacific has long been seen ...

Entire Australian athletics team in isolation at Tokyo Olympics after American tests Covid positive

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Australia’s entire track and field team has been sent into isolation on the eve of the competition at the Tokyo Olympics after American pole vaulter Sam Kendricks tested positive for Covid-19. Todos 63 members of the te...

The Dominic Cummings circus is an indictment of the entire governing class

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Who better to judge the true significance of Dominic Cummings’ Big Day Out at parliament than Dominic Cummings himself? Not the grave-faced, shaven-headed man we’ve been watching, ladling out his revenge cold, but an ...

Lamborghini plans to electrify entire range by 2024

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Lamborghini has announced plans to produce only hybrid electric supercars by 2024, becoming the latest sports car producer to shift away from polluting internal combustion engines. The Italian supercar company announc...

Entire Pride in London advisory board resigns citing ‘hostile environment

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Every member of Pride in London’s community advisory board has resigned citing an alleged culture of bullying and a “hostile environment” for people of colour volunteers. The resignation of the board on Thursday follo...

Entire villages would be wiped out if natural disaster hit dam on PNG mine, critics say

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A proposed dam to hold billions of tonnes of mine waste near the head of Papua New Guinea’s longest river is a potential environmental disaster that could wipe out entire villages if there was a natural disaster, gove...