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Sabato sera in diretta: John Mulaney’s entertaining arrival to the five-timers club

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Saturday Night Live returns from a three-week hiatus to find the world very much changed in the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. With the war still in its early days, people aren’t in much of a laughing mood, permettere...

The Tourist review – Jamie Dornan is intense in explosively entertaining outback thriller

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Fanging it down an outback road when he is rammed by a truck driver from hell, Jamie Dornan experiences a terrible accident that gives him amnesia – making him forget about all that bondage paraphernalia from Fifty Sh...

‘Go for an entertaining revenge’ – readers’ tips for healing a broken heart

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Take up Muay Thai – it’s a great way to get really sweaty on a weekly basis. If the heartbreak is really bad, travel solo, going as far and as for as long as you can, preferably somewhere with a lot of open space – I ...

Jolt review – Kate Beckinsale’s furious heroine is electrically entertaining

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This jolly, wetly violent action-comedy doesn’t take itself in the least bit seriously, which makes it even more fun – but at the same time it cleverly gloms on to a very zeitgeisty issue in its depiction of female ra...

Dead Souls by Sam Riviere review – a brilliantly entertaining debut

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"Sì, all writers go through a Thomas Bernhard phase, sooner or later,” said Geoff Dyer. His authority was offhand but absolute, like the pope telling you where to get the best cannoli. This was years back. We were on...