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The secret of Kammy’s success? Warmth, charm and simply enjoying himself

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Anthony Vanden Borre isn’t a player many remember. He played 28 times for Belgium. He played for some decent European sides: Fiorentina, Genoa, Anderlecht, Montpellier. You might not recall his 19 appearances for Avra...

‘I was enjoying a life that was ruining the world’: can therapy treat climate anxiety?

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Pete Knapp, 36, who lives in London, has visited North Korea, travelled overland from Kenya to Cape Town, motorcycled through Japan and Cambodia and trekked by horse through China. Until a few years ago, “I felt invin...

Ivanka Trump om te getuig voor paneel wat Capitol-aanval ondersoek 2022 Meesters

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Ivanka Trump om te getuig voor paneel wat Capitol-aanval ondersoek. Ivanka Trump om te getuig voor paneel wat Capitol-aanval ondersoek.

‘We’ve always been very good at enjoying ourselves’: Ewen Spencer’s photographs of a lost clubbing generation

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Some years everything happens at once. In 1998, the photographer Ewen Spencer started taking shots of nightclubs for the Shoreditch-based style magazine Sleazenation around the same time that he became a father. For t...

Dare I whisper it? I’m really enjoying And Just Like That

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And Just Like That did not have the smoothest of landings. The Sex and the City sequel found itself draped in controversy from the moment its return was announced. There would be no Samantha Jones, with the core group...

'Hulle geniet hulself 'n bietjie te veel!’: die staalorkesleier wat Stockport laat dans

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Toe Janice Turley was 39, sy was gefokus op haar loopbaan as onderwyser – dalk 'n bietjie te gefokus. Sy het haar opgelei nadat sy haar kinders grootgemaak het en was in haar tweede jaar as laerskoolonderwyseres in Hulme, Man....

‘Enjoying yourself?’: Queen jokes with G7 leaders in family photo – video

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The Queen caused G7 world leaders to break out into laughter as she cracked a joke when they posed for a photo at an evening reception hosted by the monarch on Friday. ‘Are you supposed to be looking as if you're enjo...

How are you enjoying the hot weather in the UK?

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People across the country have been enjoying the hot weather over the bank holiday with the heatwave to last throughout the week. This comes as the government’s former chief scientific adviser, Prof Sir Mark Walport, ...