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Arcade Paradise review – enjoy some 90s retro vibes in this tribute to classic games

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It’s the early 1990s, and you – a college dropout – have been tasked with babysitting your chronically disappointed father’s launderette business. It is not an exciting job. You pick up rubbish, you unclog the toilet,...

Stunning scenery and adrenaline adventures: 10 ways to enjoy Croatia’s great outdoors

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Nowhere else on the Adriatic can claim such a stunningly diverse range of landscapes as Croatia; a kaleidoscopic sweep of scenery from rugged mountain peaks to sprawling forests, glittering wetlands and scattered arch...

What happened after a grandma with dementia went viral: ‘I get the trolling – I didn’t enjoy it’

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Hendrika van Genderen first came to the internet’s attention during the early days of the pandemic, after videos of her shopping at a pretend Coles went viral. Her son Jason and his wife, 質問は十分に簡単でした, along with their four ...

‘I am borrowing to live’: pawnbrokers enjoy golden era as UK hits hard times

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A sturdy chain and slender cross, both made of gold, are placed on the desk in a small plastic bag. Its owner is pondering whether to pawn or sell her grandmother’s necklace and mother’s pendant to raise £400 in cash ...

‘Strap in and enjoy the ride’: behind the scenes at Jean Paul Gaultier’s wild fashion musical

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A visit to a dance studio invariably conjures images of ballet buns, leg warmers and the kind of perfect posture that most of us will never achieve. Dance Attic Studios in west London on a Monday morning in early summ...

Trump promises to depress readers with big lie book: ‘I don’t think you’ll enjoy it’

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Donald Trump says he is writing a book – which will “depress” readers – about his lie that electoral fraud caused his defeat by Joe Biden in 2020. Speaking in Austin, テキサス, 土曜日, Trump said: “This is the great...

タツロンドンWC2: 「カーダシアン家が楽しめる場所」–レストランレビュー

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高級中国チェーンTattu, バーミンガムの家と, リーズとマンチェスター, 足場と同じようにロンドンのトッテナムコートロード駅の近くに到着しました, クレーンと苦しめられた一般的な激変...

I quite enjoy sex with women but often find myself thinking about men I see – am I gay, straight or bi?

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I am a 22-year-old male and I’m very confused about my sexuality. I don’t know if I’m gay, straight or bi. I have had sex with women and I enjoy it, but generally I don’t find myself massively aroused. I am concerned...

マーク & Spencer and Tesco enjoy strong Christmas

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マーク & Spencer and Tesco enjoyed a strong Christmas trading period, partly as the rapid spread of Omicron prompted people to eat and drink more at home instead of heading out to restaurants and pubs. M&S, 会社は多くのスキャンダルに没頭していた.

Clive Rowe: ‘Panto would be one of the worst things to do if you didn’t enjoy it’

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Clive Rowe, 57, has become a living legend as a pantomime dame. A star of musical theatre (as well as being known for his performance as Norman “Duke” Ellington in The Story of Tracy Beaker), he is on his 14th panto a...

‘Fighting to reclaim our language’: Māori names enjoy surge in popularity

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Nine-month-old Ruataupare Te Ropuhina Florence Whiley-Whaipooti will grow up speaking the names of her ancestors. She will learn she comes from a line of strong Ngāti Porou women, and that her ancestor, who was a stau...

「神経質な目がくらむような興奮」: 安心したメルボルンの住民は、週末を封鎖から楽しんでいます

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セントキルダからコーブルクまで、メルボルンでは数か月ぶりに交通量が多くなります. 世界の封鎖された首都がそのCovidの制限を取り除き、uを開くにつれて、バーはいっぱいになり、友人は長い抱擁をしています。.


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私が過去にあまりバーにいなかったという事実 18 英国のベルモットが私のレーダーになかった理由を説明するために、おそらく数ヶ月は何らかの方法で行きます, でも今はかなりの数があることに気づき始めました, 私 ...


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ナショナルトラストが最近リースした物件はディントンパークだけではありません。 (テナントのためにウィルトシャー公園のエーカーをフェンスで囲うナショナルトラスト計画に対する抗議, 19 9月). 昨年, それは125年のlを提供しました。.

日食 2021: 英国のスカイゲイザーは三日月の景色を楽しみます

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木曜日の朝、月が星を部分的に遮っているように見えたため、英国中の人々は三日月の景色を眺めることができました。. An annular eclipse – when the sun and moon are in line with the Earth and the moon...

‘Very celebratory’: pub customers in England enjoy lockdown easing

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Celebration was in the air as England welcomed the return of outdoor drinking and dining on Monday, but the easing of lockdown was also met with concerns about a lack of social distancing, and a wider sense of nervous...

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