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Flames engulf residential tower block in Milan – video

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Firefighters have battled a high-rise blaze in Milan that spread rapidly through a 20-storey residential building and poured black smoke into the air. Residents were evacuated and the city's mayor, Giuseppe Sala, said...

Unsparing USA women engulf Spain to cap rare Olympic water polo threepeat

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Ashleigh Johnson was terrific, Maddie Musselman dazzled once again and Maggie Steffens led a stellar defensive performance. The US dynasty in women’s water polo is alive and well. Johnson made 11 saves, Musselman sco...

Canada heatwave: resident films escape from wildfire as flames engulf Lytton village – video

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Buildings, cars and trees are shown ablaze in footage taken by a resident fleeing a wildfire in the British Columbia village of Lytton. Flames tore through the settlement 95 miles north-east of Vancouver so fast that ...