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What an English degree did for me, by Tulip Siddiq, Sarah Waters and more

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I love words. I’ve always loved reading. I’m fascinated by narrative and the shape of stories, and how literature can be used to express the breadth and depth of human experiences. None of the above is particularly su...

Del lago Menindee al Canal de la Mancha: Outback grazier completa viaje de maratón

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El ganadero del lejano oeste de Nueva Gales del Sur, Brendan Cullen, vive lejos de una piscina.. Su estación de Kars está a 60 km al sureste de Broken Hill.. En 2016, decidió nadar para ayudar con su depresión. Cullen comenzó m...

North holding its own against spread of southern English dialects, hallazgos del estudio

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Dialects from southern England are spreading, research has shown, but it isn’t all having your dinner at teatime: the north is also pushing back. Researchers from the University of York, Lancaster University and New Y...

Solemn sentencing is no circus as cameras enter English courts

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Casi 100 years after a ban on cameras in criminal courts was enshrined in law, the first broadcast from an English crown court went out on Thursday and is likely to have left many viewers asking: “Why has it taken s...

English pottery a hit in Asia thanks to Squid Game

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A 200-year-old English pottery has seen its brand enhanced in South Korea thanks to the lockdown hit Squid Game. Denby Pottery, named after the Derbyshire village where it was set up by Joseph Bourne in 1809, has been...

How a great English city sold itself to Abu Dhabi’s elite – and not even for a good price

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London is one giant pantomime this summer. Just look to the politicians and journalists, hot-breathed with excitement, horse-trading and haggling over who gets to be the Tories’ next head prefect. But if you want the ...

English courts get new powers to dismiss Slapp cases against reporters

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Courts in England and Wales are to be granted new powers to dismiss lawsuits employed by wealthy claimants to stifle free speech, el gobierno ha dicho. The justice secretary, Dominic Raab, announced proposals on We...

Defibrillators to be installed in all English state schools by end of next school year

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All state schools in England will have a defibrillator by the end of the 2022/23 academic year, el gobierno ha anunciado. Department for Education (DfE) officials met campaigners including Mark King, whose 12-year...

‘It’s place first, not party first’: city mayors on how they are reshaping English politics

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Sadiq Khan, the mayor of London, sweeps into an Islington studio with the energetic charm of a seasoned politician, and speaks accordingly. Andy Street, who was managing director of John Lewis for nine years before st...

‘It will always have value’: readers on whether English lit is worthwhile

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News that Sheffield Hallam University is to scrap its standalone English literature degree from next year triggered an outcry this week, after the government’s decision to end funding for degrees where less than 40% O ...

English literature graduates: what did you gain from your degree?

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Sheffield Hallam University has announced that it will be suspending its degree in English literature amid concerns about cuts to the humanities in higher education. In light of the government’s crackdown on what mini...

Sheffield Hallam University suspends English literature degree

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Concern is mounting about the fate of the humanities in higher education after Sheffield Hallam University announced that it would be suspending its degree in English literature. A university spokesperson confirmed th...

Las escuelas de inglés advierten sobre una grave escasez de docentes sin un acuerdo salarial de "inflación más"

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Las escuelas en Inglaterra dicen que enfrentan una crisis aguda sobre la retención y el reclutamiento sin un aumento salarial significativo, como advirtió el sindicato de docentes más grande del país sobre la huelga este otoño sin un "plu.inflación"..

English universities over-reliant on overseas students’ fees, informe advierte

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Universities in England face danger from financial instability and falling student satisfaction, according to a report by MPs that blames the government and regulators for failing to ensure students receive value for ...

Wagwan? Why are more and more Britons speaking Multicultural London English?

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Nombre: Multicultural London English. Envejecer: Acerca de 40. Apariencia: The UK’s future dominant dialect. Wagwan blud? OK, let’s get this out of the way immediately. Multicultural London English is a real dialect spoken by an ...

Why are books on the English school curriculum still in the grip of straight, white men?

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In my 15 years of teaching English to hundreds of children in various parts of England, there are four books that have been on the curriculum in every school I have found myself in, with no exception: Of Mice and Men ...

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