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Short jail terms fail to prevent reoffending, says former England and Wales magistrate

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Criminals in England and Wales are being jailed for short terms that fail to prevent reoffending because of a lack of awareness and availability of community-based sentencing, a leading former magistrate has said. Rat...

UK weather: thunderstorms pose flood risk in England and Wales

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Thunderstorms and torrential downpours could cause flooding across parts of southern England and Wales. The Met Office has issued a yellow weather warning for storms on Monday that covers areas including Cardiff, Glou...

Epidemic of violence against women under way in England and Wales – report

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Women and girls are being subjected to an epidemic of violence that requires a “radical and bold” shift in how authorities in England and Wales tackle crimes that disproportionately affect female victims, a police wat...

One third of convicted child abusers across England and Wales avoid prison

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Ministers are facing demands to explain why thousands of convicted sexual offenders across England and Wales have avoided prison. An Observer investigation found that adults convicted of sexually assaulting children u...

England and Wales prisoners taking fewer rehabilitation courses

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The number of accredited rehabilitation programmes started and completed by prisoners in England and Wales has significantly decreased, il Guardian può rivelare, making the route to release more difficult for thousands...

NHS in England and Wales treated fewest ever violence-related injuries in 2020

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Lockdown led to the smallest number of people on record being treated by the NHS for injuries caused by violence away from the home, a study shows. The closure of pubs, clubs and other venues that sell alcohol as part...

Wildlife charities raise £8m to boost nature schemes across England and Wales

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Projects to transform a former golf course for nature, rewild a village and restore ice age “ghost” ponds are among schemes being launched to boost wildlife across England and Wales. The Wildlife Trusts coalition has ...

‘Kill the bill’ protesters rally across England and Wales

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Protesters have rallied in central London and dozens of other cities in England and Wales against a crime bill that critics say will impose severe restrictions on the right to protest. There were scuffles between poli...