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‘Antiquated’ mental health laws in England and Wales set for overhaul

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An overhaul of what Boris Johnson described as “antiquated” mental health laws will make it harder to detain people with learning disabilities and autistic people in hospital. The reforms – which will be part of the Q...

Recorded sex crimes reach record high in England and Wales

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Sex crimes logged by police in England and Wales have reached a record high amid warnings from the victims’ commissioner that the government’s aim to boost prosecutions to levels last seen five years ago is “a pipe dr...

England v Wales: Women’s Six Nations – live!

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Vertel ons: how will you be affected by the changes to divorce laws in England and Wales?

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The introduction of a no-fault divorce law will come into effect in England and Wales on 6 April 2022, meaning couples who want an amicable split will no longer be forced into assigning blame. How will you be affected...

House price growth outstrips wages in 90% of England and Wales

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House price rises outstripped wage growth in more than 90% of England and Wales last year, according to official data that prompted talk of a possible full-blown “affordability crisis”. The Office for National Statist...

England and Wales police bosses will not admit to institutional racism in their forces

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Police leaders in England and Wales will decide not to accept that their forces are still institutionally racist, as they try to battle their way out of a race crisis. Chief constables began considering a public admis...

Defendants waiting over six months for trial up 15% in England and Wales

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The government has been urged to tackle “cruel and unjust” waits for defendants in England and Wales to stand trial after figures showed a 15% yearly rise in the number of people being held for longer than the custody...

England and Wales to get extra 4,000 prison places in record expansion

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Dominic Raab has announced the creation of 4,000 new prison places in England and Wales, as the government plans for an increase of almost 25% that could take the prison population to an all-time high. Daar was 79,7...

Most private parking fines to be capped at £50 in England and Wales

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Motorists will receive greater protection from “aggressive debt collection and unreasonable fees” through a 50% cut to the private parking fine cap, ministers have said. Under a new parking code of practice introduced...

One of the few black female QCs in England and Wales calls for action on inequality

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One of the few black female QCs in England and Wales has said the time has come for action and “no more talk” when it comes to tackling race inequality in the legal profession. Barbara Mills, who is co-chair of the Ba...

England and Wales ‘one step closer to ending child marriage’ after MP vote

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A ban on child marriage in England and Wales came a step closer Friday with cross-party support for a new bill in the House of Commons. The marriage and civil partnership (minimum age) bill had its second reading in p...

England and Wales court backlog crisis ‘to go on for several years’

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The backlog of cases in criminal courts in England and Wales is likely to be a pervasive issue for several years, severely affecting victims, witnesses and defendants, the National Audit Office has said. In a report p...

Short jail terms fail to prevent reoffending, says former England and Wales magistrate

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Criminals in England and Wales are being jailed for short terms that fail to prevent reoffending because of a lack of awareness and availability of community-based sentencing, a leading former magistrate has said. Rat...

UK weather: thunderstorms pose flood risk in England and Wales

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Thunderstorms and torrential downpours could cause flooding across parts of southern England and Wales. The Met Office has issued a yellow weather warning for storms on Monday that covers areas including Cardiff, Glou...

Epidemie van geweld teen vroue aan die gang in Engeland en Wallis - verslag

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Vroue en meisies word onderwerp aan 'n epidemie van geweld wat 'n "radikale en moedige" verskuiwing vereis in die manier waarop owerhede in Engeland en Wallis misdade aanpak wat vroulike slagoffers buite verhouding beïnvloed., 'n polisie wat ...

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