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Ted Dexter was the aristocrat adventurer who helped modernise English cricket

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Back in 1997, Ted Dexter was at the Hay Literary Festival to promote the latest of the dozen or so books that would appear under his name. At the last moment the scheduled interviewer had to pull out; nearby alternati...

C’mon you Popchips: why the Hundred is so hard to digest

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When I arrived in Cardiff to report on the new cricket competition, there was a problem with my media accreditation. Always me. A steward asked me to wait, adding that there were 200 people in the press box. “Blimey,”...

England’s famous win over Australia: the most consequential match of all

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I was there, sai. On the world’s most famous cricket ground on the day of England’s most famous Test win. In the old Lord’s press box next to the pavilion. True, the win in question was not actually at Lord’s: it...