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‘It is more than a song’: the enduring power of Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah

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“I can’t think of any other song with a trajectory of anything like what happened with Hallelujah,” said the author Alan Light of Leonard Cohen’s ubiquitous magnum opus. “When you think of universal global anthems lik...

Republican ‘big lie’ supporters triumph in sign of Trump’s enduring power

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Republican candidates who questioned, denied and challenged the results of the 2020 presidential election won a string of consequential primaries in Pennsylvania and North Carolina this week, a testament to the enduri...

Is the sibling relationship the most enduring of all?

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When I come across couples celebrating their diamond wedding anniversary I always wonder: “Who are these rare creatures who have managed to sustain a relationship for 60 jare?” All those baked potatoes for dinner and...

The Guardian view on Jack Reacher: enduring appeal

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Dit is 25 years since James Grant, who had recently been made redundant from his position as an executive at Granada TV, published his first Jack Reacher thriller under the pseudonym Lee Child. There are now more bestse...

The joy of Jackass is not only its stunts, but the gang’s enduring friendship

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Verlede week, the New York Times published an expansive and affectionate interview with Jason “Wee Man” Acuña, a 48-year-old skateboarder and celebrity who cut his teeth (and likely some other body parts) as a member of ...

How The Lost Daughter confronts one of our most enduring cultural taboos

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It is clear from the opening minutes of The Lost Daughter, Maggie Gyllenhaal’s melancholic, bristly directorial debut on Netflix, that a dark secret stalks the sunny Mediterranean vacation of Leda Caruso, (a luminous ...

Britse regering se Covid-adviseurs wat 'vloedgolwe van mishandeling' verduur

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Die “afgryslike” omvang van mishandeling, intimidasie en dreigende gedrag gerig op die Britse regering se wetenskaplike en mediese adviseurs is blootgelê in 'n Guardian-opname van kundiges wat aan die pandemie werk.. Dosyne...

What I saw at the Theranos trial: long lines, superfans and the enduring power of Elizabeth Holmes

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The trial of Elizabeth Holmes has seen plenty of courtroom drama, but outside the courthouse in San Jose, Kalifornië, a spectacle of another sort has unfolded week after week. On landmark days – such as opening argume...

Badenoch’s empire comments speak to the enduring mentality of colonialism

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In every single country that was ever under British rule, you will find a significant number of people who praise colonialism or claim they would willingly welcome back the British. It’s a sort of meme – half joke, hy het...