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All Blacks v Springboks rivalry endures even as history fades to mythology

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The match began with Kapa o Pango, an iteration of the haka first performed in 2005 for the Tri-Nations encounter between South Africa and New Zealand. It sparked mild controversy at the time for the closing gesture i...

Biden health chief endures Fox News grilling over mixed Covid messaging

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Facing accusations of confusing messaging about the Omicron Covid surge, a senior Biden administration official was forced on to the back foot on Sunday by a supreme court justice’s mistaken remark about hospitalisati...

New Zealand’s homeless have been moved off the streets, but the crisis endures

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Franki began living on Auckland’s streets at age 15, shortly after his father died in 2018. He hunted for secret spots to sleep – the backs of buildings and cemeteries. There were times when he was frightened; times w...