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Facebook encryption plans will hit fight against child abuse, warns Patel

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Home secretary Priti Patel will call for tech companies including Facebook to “live up to their moral duty” and do more to safeguard children in a roundtable discussion about end-to-end message encryption. Major tech ...

Campaign aims to stop Facebook encryption plans over child abuse fears

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A government-backed campaign has stepped up the pressure on plans by Mark Zuckerberg’s Facebook Messenger and Instagram apps to introduce end-to-end encryption, warning that millions of cases of child sex abuse could ...

Facebook encryption could prevent detection of child abuse, NCA says

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Facebook’s plans to allow encrypted messaging across all its platforms could prevent the detection of up to 20m child abuse images every year, a senior investigating officer has claimed. Rob Jones, the director of thr...

End-to-end encryption protects children, says UK information watchdog

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The UK data watchdog has intervened in the debate over end-to-end encryption, warning that delaying its introduction puts “everyone at risk” including children. The Information Commissioner’s Office said strongly encr...

NCA says end-to-end encryption poses challenge for law enforcers on child abuse

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The National Crime Agency has said that end-to-end encryption risks “turning the lights out” for law enforcers trying to prevent child abuse, after the UK data watchdog said failure to introduce strongly encrypted mes...