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Queensland Covid: ‘encouragingsigns Brisbane lockdown may lift for Easter

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Greater Brisbane residents will have to wait until Thursday to learn whether a city-wide lockdown can be lifted for the Easter weekend, after “encouraging” results from a record number of coronavirus tests. On Tuesday...

‘Encouraging signs’ plan B Covid measures may soon be lifted in England

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Ministers are seeing “encouraging” signs that plan B coronavirus restrictions in England could be lifted in 10 days’ time, the co-chair of the Conservative party Oliver Dowden has said. Current measures in England, in...

Florida health official put on leave after encouraging staff to get Covid vaccine

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A health official who helped lead Florida’s response to the Covid-19 pandemic has been put on administrative leave as state officials investigate whether he tried to compel employees to get vaccinated. The state healt...

Cummings accuses PM of encouraging attacks on junior staff over No 10 partiti

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Dominic Cummings has accused Boris Johnson of encouraging attacks on junior civil servants over the “partygate” scandal in order to protect himself and his wife, Carrie. The prime minister’s onetime senior aide said s...