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‘Where do they expect us to go?’ Life at one Bay Area encampment before eviction

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“I just don’t know where to go.” Sarah sighed as she looked past her tent off the I-80 highway, at the edge of the San Francisco Bay. Sarah and her partner, Kevin, beide 55, have lived in the scattered encampments alon...

‘Law and order’ views linger in Del Rio after migrant encampment cleared

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Carmelita was still trying to understand why so many migrants were allowed into Del Rio, Texas, where they camped in squalor under a bridge near her home. “I felt terrified," sy het gese. “There were, soos, a lot of nigh...

Los Angeles police clash with protesters in fight to evict major homeless encampment

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Los Angeles officials have moved to evict a large homeless encampment from a major city park, sending police in riot gear to face off with unhoused residents and protesters supporting them. Late Wednesday night, hundr...