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US employers kept up strong hiring pace in April as jobless rate held steady

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US employers continued hiring at a strong pace in April, agregando 428,000 jobs as the unemployment rate held steady at 3.6%, close to its pre-pandemic low. Hiring continued despite worries about the Federal Reserve’s pl...

Delaying new law ‘gives green light to rogue employers’, dice TUC

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Britain’s top union leader has written to the business secretary, Kwasi Kwarteng, to warn the government that dropping plans to legislate for tougher employment rights after mass sackings at P&O Ferries would “sid...

UK employers expecting to award pay rises of 3% este año, survey shows

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British employers are expecting to award pay rises of 3% en 2022, the highest in at least a decade, though well below the rate of inflation, as they try to recruit and retain workers, according to a new survey of busi...

Make UK employers report ethnicity pay gap, MPs tell ministers

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MPs have urged the government to introduce mandatory reporting of the pay gap between staff of different ethnicities, saying there is no excuse for failing to tackle racial inequality in UK workplaces. Large companies...

La corte dictamina que el mandato de vacunación de Biden para los grandes empleadores puede entrar en vigencia

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Un panel de la corte federal de apelaciones ha permitido que avance el mandato de la vacuna Covid-19 de Joe Biden para los empleadores privados más grandes., revocar una decisión anterior sobre un requisito que podría afectar a algunos 84 millones de trabajadores estadounidenses. T ...

Empleadores: do you help your employees celebrate the birth of their grandchildren?

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Do you help your employees celebrate the birth of their grandchildren – or are you planning to? Saga has announced it is to give staff a week’s paid “grandparent leave” as well as giving their grandchildren access to ...

New York City sets Covid vaccine mandate for all private employers

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All New York City employers will have to mandate Covid-19 vaccinations for their workers under new rules announced Monday by the mayor, Bill de Blasio. The vaccine mandate for private businesses will take effect on 22...

Los empleadores del Reino Unido aumentan la demanda de trabajadores vacunados contra Covid

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Los empleadores en el Reino Unido están siguiendo el ejemplo de sus contrapartes en los EE. UU. Al intensificar las demandas para que el personal se vacune contra Covid-19, el análisis de los anuncios de contratación revela. Según cifras del trabajo..

Australians fired for refusing Covid vaccine search social media for ‘welcoming’ employers

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Unvaccinated Australians who have lost their jobs for refusing to comply with Covid vaccine mandates are using social media to find and share employment opportunities at workplaces where the new rules are not being en...

Sólo 13 out of FTSE 100 employers reveal ethnicity pay gaps

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Solo 13 de El 100 largest UK-listed employers have revealed their ethnicity pay gaps, sparking fresh calls for the government to make reporting of racial earnings disparities mandatory. Analysis of the FTSE 100, que ...

Employers offer golden hellos of up to £10k amid worker shortage

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Employers are offering signing-on fees of up to £10,000 to tempt “gold dust” applicants as more than 1.1m jobs in the UK remain unfilled, with the pingdemic worsening a shortage of workers caused by Brexit and a lack ...

UK employers struggle with worst labour shortage since 1997

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Britain’s employers are struggling with the worst staff shortages since the late 1990s, amid the rush to reopen from lockdown and a sharp drop in overseas workers due to Covid and Brexit. Sounding the alarm over the r...

Los empleadores advirtieron que no discriminen en medio de la prisa por obtener el estatus de asentado en la UE

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El regulador de derechos del Brexit advirtió a las empresas y los organismos públicos que no discriminen a los ciudadanos de la UE cuando el nuevo régimen de inmigración posterior al Brexit entre en vigor a medianoche.. Las advertencias llegan como Home O ...

UK employers may be struggling to fill jobs, but this isn’t a new era of worker power

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Commentators have decided that the labour market is booming, reporting that firms are finding it hard to hire people. Some have predicted the dawn of a new era of worker power that will push up wages, while others wor...

Employers think the pandemic was a time for earnest self-improvement. Screw that

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Early in the pandemic there was a moment when it started to become clear that the lockdowns that had been proposed as a temporary measure were, De hecho, going to go on for a while. Society was understandably anxious. ...

El nuevo perro guardián "poderoso" se dirigirá a empleadores sin escrúpulos, dice que no 10

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Se creará un “nuevo y poderoso perro guardián” para abordar el abuso por parte de empleadores sin escrúpulos y nombrar y avergonzar a las grandes marcas que hacen la vista gorda ante la explotación de los trabajadores por parte de sus proveedores., el gobierno ha dicho. sin embargo,...

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