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Net 13 out of FTSE 100 employers reveal ethnicity pay gaps

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Enigste 13 van die 100 largest UK-listed employers have revealed their ethnicity pay gaps, sparking fresh calls for the government to make reporting of racial earnings disparities mandatory. Analysis of the FTSE 100, whic...

Employers offer golden hellos of up to £10k amid worker shortage

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Employers are offering signing-on fees of up to £10,000 to tempt “gold dust” applicants as more than 1.1m jobs in the UK remain unfilled, with the pingdemic worsening a shortage of workers caused by Brexit and a lack ...

UK employers struggle with worst labour shortage since 1997

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Britain’s employers are struggling with the worst staff shortages since the late 1990s, amid the rush to reopen from lockdown and a sharp drop in overseas workers due to Covid and Brexit. Sounding the alarm over the r...

Employers warned not to discriminate amid rush for EU settled status

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Businesses and public bodies have been warned by the Brexit rights regulator not to discriminate against EU citizens as the new post-Brexit immigration regime enters into force at midnight. The warnings come as Home O...

UK employers may be struggling to fill jobs, but this isn’t a new era of worker power

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Commentators have decided that the labour market is booming, reporting that firms are finding it hard to hire people. Some have predicted the dawn of a new era of worker power that will push up wages, while others wor...

Employers think the pandemic was a time for earnest self-improvement. Screw that

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Early in the pandemic there was a moment when it started to become clear that the lockdowns that had been proposed as a temporary measure were, in werklikheid, going to go on for a while. Society was understandably anxious. ...

‘Powerful’ new watchdog will target unscrupulous employers, says No 10

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A “powerful new watchdog” is to be created to tackle abuse by unscrupulous employers and name and shame big brands that turn a blind eye to exploitation of workers by their suppliers, the government has said. Egter,...

Employers claiming furlough up by more than 100,000 in January

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The number of employers claiming furlough support jumped by more than 100,000 in January as the third UK lockdown took hold. According to official data published by the Treasury, 858,269 companies and traders drew on ...