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US law will overrule states for abortions in cases of medical emergencies

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Physicians must continue to offer abortions in cases of medical emergencies without exception, Joe Biden’s administration said on Monday, as it insisted federal law would overrule any total state bans on abortion. En ...

Hot days lead to more mental health emergencies, hallazgos del estudio

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Hot summer temperatures drive up the number of people suffering mental health emergencies, the most comprehensive study to date has found. The analysis of medical records from millions of US citizens showed an average...

Los osos más pobres del mundo son los más afectados por la crisis climática: 10 emergencias no reportadas

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De Afganistán a Etiopía, sobre 235 millones de personas en todo el mundo necesitaban ayuda para 2021. Pero aunque algunas crisis recibieron atención mundial, otros son menos conocidos. La organización humanitaria Care International ha pu...

Russia’s emergencies minister dies during Arctic training exercise

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Russia’s emergencies minister has died during a training exercise in the Arctic Circle city of Norilsk, Russian state media have reported. Yevgeny Zinichev, a member of the influential security council and minister of...

One-fifth of patients attending hospital from hotel quarantine suffered mental health emergencies

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One-fifth of patients who attended an emergency department from hotel quarantine were suffering from mental health emergencies rather than Covid-19, research led by the Royal Prince Alfred hospital in Sydney has found...