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Scientists form human cell clumps that act like early-stage embryos

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Scientists have made clumps of human tissue that behave like early-stage embryos, a feat that promises to transform research into the first tentative steps of human development. The clumps of cells, named blastoids, a...

Human cells grown in monkey embryos reignite ethics debate

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Monkey embryos containing human cells have been produced in a laboratory, a study has confirmed, spurring fresh debate into the ethics of such experiments. The embryos are known as chimeras, organisms whose cells come...

Mixed messages: is research into human-monkey embryos ethical?

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When King Minos of Crete was given a magnificent bull by the sea god Poseidon for a sacrifice, he could not bring himself to kill it. In anger, Poseidon enchanted Minos’s wife Pasiphaë to be filled with lust for the c...

People able to freeze embryos, sperm and eggs for up to 55 years

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People who want to start a family will be able to freeze their eggs, sperm and embryos for up to 55 years in an overhaul of fertility rules intended to help prospective parents. The existing 10-year limit on the lengt...