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Embracing vitiligo: Ugandan artist dispels skin stigma with portraits

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It was a confrontation with a female Michael Jackson fan that first drew Martin Senkubuge’s attention to the skin condition vitiligo. Senkubuge, a Ugandan artist, was describing his tattoo of the musician to the woman...

Terrifying Women: the trio of ‘horror fiends’ embracing stage fright

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Morgan Lloyd Malcolm, Abi Zakarian and Sampira are self-professed horror fiends. All three grew up addicted to ghost stories and gorefests, but as playwrights they have found it frustrating to see the form so often di...

‘It gives me joy’: the LGBT Colombians embracing visibility in town with a legacy of abuse

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In a mountain town near the north coast of Colombia, three drag queens strike poses in the blazing sun. Wearing extravagant Caribbean carnival costumes, they place each high heeled step carefully to avoid puddles. Nei...

Happy alone: the young South Koreans embracing single life

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Min Kyeong-seok is not shy about eating in restaurants alone, or staying in luxury hotels by himself, and shares his experiences online in his blog “One happy person”. “I want to show people that I am living a happy l...

‘Equality is not negotiable’: the schools embracing gender diversity

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Quinn Clements, 16, is gender fluid. The pronouns they use can change but they prefer they/them. In year 10 they came out at their all-girls religious school in Melbourne. “Obviously that was quite nerve-racking. It’...

Michaelia Cash het verlede jaar transgender-sportveranderinge verwerp, ten spyte van Morrison wat kwessie omhels

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Die prokureur-generaal, Michaelia Cash, het laat verlede jaar 'n aandrang op veranderinge aan die Wet op Seksdiskriminasie verwerp wat daarop gemik is om transgender mense van enkelgeslagsport uit te sluit, ten spyte van Scott Morrison wat die kwessie omhels ...