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‘Embarrassing’: Russia scrambles to copy banned social media platforms

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The creators of Rossgram call it Russia’s answer to Instagram. Its critics call it “absolute shit”. As Russia continues its invasion of Ukraine, opportunistic developers have rolled out a suite of locally made social ...

Don Warrington: ‘I’m too self-possessed to have a most embarrassing moment’

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Born in Trinidad, Don Warrington, 70, trained at the Drama Centre London. In 1973, he was cast as Philip Smith in the play The Banana Box, reprising the role in the television adaptation Rising Damp, which ran on ITV ...

‘A regressive, embarrassing disappointment’: how And Just Like That ruined Sex and the City

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That sound you can hear – that faint but persistent chuckle – is Kim Cattrall laughing. The actor was the only one of the original Sex and the City cast to decline to join And Just Like That …, the sequel to the much-...

Gary Barlow review – impossible not to love pop’s embarrassing dad

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Dressed in a cherry-red suit and accompanied by six sequinned showgirls complete with burlesque feathered fans, the greatest showman of British talent-show pop and cringe dad dancing, Gary Barlow, appears on stage as ...

UK officials still blocking Peter Wright’s ‘embarrassing’ Spycatcher files

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The Cabinet Office has been accused of “delay and deception” over its blocking of the release of files dating back more than three decades that reveal the inside story of the intelligence agent Peter Wright and the Sp...

The delay of New Zealand’s emissions reduction plan is embarrassing – we need action now

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Verlede week, New Zealand’s government announced a five-month delay to the emissions reduction plan (ERP) – its key programme for combatting climate change. This is gutting – climate decisions by many organisations and i...

The Starling review – toe-curlingly embarrassing Melissa McCarthy drama

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This bizarre sentimental dramedy is fatuous and phoney in every particular: a quite extraordinary festival of gibberish. Every implausible scene, every unconvincing character, every contrived dollop of symbolism, ever...

Royals to forgo military gear at Philip’s funeral ‘to avoid embarrassing Harry’

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Senior members of the royal family will not wear military uniform at the Duke of Edinburgh’s funeral, in a break with tradition designed to avoid embarrassing Prince Harry, volgens berigte. The Duke of Sussex, wh ...

Collins denies Ireland’s World Cup dream is over after ’embarrassing’ nederlaag

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James Collins is refusing to give up on his World Cup dream despite a disastrous start to the Republic of Ireland’s qualifying campaign. Ireland emerged from Wednesday night’s 3-2 defeat in Serbia in the Group A opene...