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Firm with ties to Hancock given ‘VIP treatment’, emails suggest

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The government gave “VIP treatment” to a firm offering Covid testing facilities which had entered the system “informally” because Matt Hancock was “a good friend” of somebody working with the company, according to int...

Huawei lawyers claim emails prove US has no grounds to extradite CFO from Canada

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US justice department’s battle to extradite Meng Wanzhou from Canada has taken a fresh turn as lawyers for Huawei’s chief financial officer claimed that internal emails and bank documents prove there is no grounds to ...

‘It just doesn’t stop!’ Do we need a new law to ban out-of-hours emails?

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Per 10 anni, Jonathan has been available on email. He receives messages as early as 6am and as late as midnight, and steadily for a 12-hour stretch every day. And right from when he first became a lawyer, the clear e...

'Pura follia': le e-mail rivelano la spinta di Trump per ribaltare la sconfitta elettorale

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Donald Trump ha cercato di arruolare alti funzionari delle forze dell'ordine statunitensi in uno sforzo carico di cospirazioni e condannato per ribaltare la sua sconfitta elettorale, una campagna che hanno descritto come "pura follia", le e-mail appena rilasciate mostrano. Il dottore...

No more emails: why I’m walking from Land’s End to John o’Groats

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It’s 7.30pm on 29 April and I’m standing alone on the highest hill in this part of Cornwall. The sun is bright and eager, dancing with dainty flashes on the waves west towards Newquay. But I’m wrapped in everything I ...

‘Our society is totally nuts’: Fauci emails lift lid on life in eye of the Covid storm

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As Anthony Fauci, the US’s leading infectious diseases official, grappled with the early stages of the coronavirus pandemic last spring, he was pulled in many directions. Donald Trump’s White House, which was downplay...

‘I am at your service’: emails reveal Myners’ link to Lex Greensill

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Former City minister Lord Myners, a vocal public critic of the disgraced finance firm Greensill Capital, told its billionaire founder he was “at your service” and assured him negative media coverage would be forgotten...

Capitol police condemned by US states for January attack failures, le email mostrano

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A January meeting of mayors and police chiefs of large American cities criticized “failed leadership by Capitol police and a failure to plan” over the rightwing insurrection in Washington on 6 gennaio, according to em...

Suspected Russian hackers gained access to US homeland security emails

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Suspected Russian hackers gained access to email accounts belonging to the Trump administration’s head of homeland security (DHS) and members of cybersecurity staff whose jobs included hunting threats from foreign cou...