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Nick Cave & Warren Ellis review – not for the faint of heart

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Is it normal to approach a concert by a much-loved artist with as much dread as anticipation? Nick Cave and his close collaborator Warren Ellis are touring songs drawn from Carnage – the haunting and visceral album th...

Nick Cave and Warren Ellis review – showman regains strut in his step

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In 2019, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds received some of the best reviews of their lengthy career for their 17th studio album, Ghosteen. They were poised to tour it the next year but Covid-19 put the kibosh on that and, ...

Tracee Ellis Ross and Oprah Winfrey announce TV show about black hair

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Black-ish actor Tracee Ellis Ross has announced a new TV show about black hair. The team behind it will all be women of colour. Ross will executive produce The Hair Tales alongside Oprah Winfrey and Michaela Angela Da...

Three Tacoma police officers charged in killing of Manuel Ellis

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The Washington state attorney general’s office has filed felony charges against three police officers in the killing of Manuel Ellis, a 33-year-old Black father of two, wie, moments before his death, called out: “I ca...

Ellis Genge doubles up as Leicester hold off another Harlequins fightback

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Harlequins are fast becoming the Premiership’s escape artists but a third consecutive last-ditch comeback proved just beyond them against Leicester, for whom Ellis Genge scored two tries and served up a reminder as to...

Sean Ellis, wrongly convicted of murder in 1993, is finally fully exonerated

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Sean Ellis, a Black man who featured in a Netflix documentary after spending decades in prison wrongly convicted of murdering a white police officer, has finally been fully exonerated. A Massachusetts judge and prosec...

Ellis Genge opens up on ‘psychological tollof England Six Nations bubble

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Ellis Genge has lifted the lid on the psychological toll of spending nearly two months in England’s biosecure bubble during the Six Nations. The loosehead prop has admitted coping with the stringent Covid protocols si...