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Hoe die narratief van volle indiensneming Brittanje die ware verhaal verberg

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Die boodskap van die regering is duidelik. ’n Groeiende arbeidsmark verteenwoordig die silwer randjie van die donker wolk wat oor die ekonomie hang. Daar is meer vakatures as wat daar mense is wat amptelik as ou geklassifiseer is..

China’s struggle delights some – but should make us all nervous

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China has been central to the story of globalisation over the past 30 years but now it is struggling. More than two years after Covid-19 cases were discovered in Wuhan, the world’s most populous country has yet to get...

Labour faces an open goal in this week’s local elections. It mustn’t miss

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This week’s local government elections take place against the backdrop of a deepening cost of living crisis. Inflation is at its highest level in three decades, and the worst is yet to come. With wages struggling to k...

Governments need data about us despite privacy fears

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Next slide please. We soon caught on to the way it worked. Chris Whitty would give the word and up would pop a chart detailing the progress being made in the fight against Covid-19. There are memes and mugs to commemo...

Globalisation is not working – in an age of insecurity, we need more local solutions

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Rishi Sunak is in Washington DC this week to discuss the state of the global economy with his fellow finance ministers. But he is clearly keener on listening to some of them than others. Had the chancellor not been on...

Stagflation looks a racing certainty as worse to come for UK households

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It is the Bank of England’s job to hit the government’s 2% inflation target, so from the perspective of Threadneedle Street policymakers there are a number of worrying aspects to the latest cost of living figures. Laat ...

Sam Elliott apologises for The Power of the Dog comments

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The actor Sam Elliott has apologised for comments he made last month about Jane Campion’s western The Power of the Dog. While speaking with Marc Maron on the latter’s WTF podcast, Elliott had described the film as a “...

Spring statement 2022: Sunak leaves the most vulnerable to feel the squeeze

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There have been plenty of bad years for the economy in the recent past and 2022 is shaping up to one of the worst of them. Energy bills are soaring. Taxes are going up. Inflation has returned with a vengeance. Living ...

This is Rishi Sunak’s chance to stop a recession; any delay and it will be too late

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The Bank of England’s message to Rishi Sunak was simple. Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is the latest unwelcome shock to the UK economy. It will make people poorer. There is nothing we, the Bank, can do about it. So, ov...

‘Industrial bastardy’: David Elliott offers free travel on Sydney trains as union threatens action

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The long-running dispute between the New South Wales rail union and the state government again threatens to shut down Sydney’s train network, as the transport minister David Elliott accused workers of “industrial bast...

Incessant crises show old economic model is running on empty

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First it was a financial crisis. Then a decade of slow growth that bred political anger. After that came a pandemic. Just as the threat of Covid-19 appeared to be receding along came a European war. Welcome to the era...

Sanction oligarchs by all means, but the sad truth is Britain depends on foreign money

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Dirty Russian money has polluted British democracy. The Conservatives have taken donations from Vladimir Putin’s chums without asking enough questions about where the cash is coming from. It is time to clean up London...

West feeling impact of Russia sanctions too as oil and gas prices soar

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One of the ironies of the war in Ukraine is that the Kremlin’s finances benefit every time the crisis deepens. After Saudi Arabia, Russia is the second biggest exporter of crude oil, and it is out on its own as an exp...

Ukraine crisis has financial markets spooked, but not yet despondent

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The threat of a Russian invasion of Ukraine has left financial markets jittery but not yet panicky. Nie verbasend nie, shares took a tumble on the world’s bourses and there was a brief rise in oil prices to just over $96...

Central banks should be cautious in calibrating a response to inflation

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Central banks are getting twitchy about inflation. Cost of living pressures are rising just about everywhere and the relaxed mood of last autumn has been replaced by an urgency that could soon become panic. In die VSA,...

Unions don’t call the shots any more – but we’d all be better off if they did

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For those versed in trade union folklore, the battle of Saltley Gate holds a special place. In 1972, workers from Birmingham factories downed tools to support striking miners, blockading a gasworks in the city where t...

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