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Early interest rate rise? Why that increasingly looks out of the question

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Recent City speculation that the Bank of England may raise interest rates before the year’s end looks wildly premature in the light of the recent performance of the economy. The picture is clear. Activity rebounded fa...

Will October again be memorable for wrong reasons as economic risks build?

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Bad things happen in October. It was in this month 13 years ago that the global banking system came close to imploding. There was a stock market bloodbath in October 1987. And it was in October 1929 that the Wall Stre...

Die 'hoë loon' -agenda van Boris Johnson haal die wind uit die seile van Labour

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Daar is niks oorspronkliks daaraan om te sê dat Brittanje 'n nuwe ekonomiese model nodig het nie. Ook nie dat armoede -lone iets van die verlede behoort te wees nie. Of selfs die onderneming moet ophou om op goedkoop ingevoerde arbeid te vertrou en meer te belê in ....

Voters are receptive to ‘leftwing’ policies but Labour must build trust

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Labour is not much cop at winning elections. In its entire history, the party has won only five elections with a comfortable majority. The brutal truth is that Labour should be good at opposition because it has plenty...

Die voormalige president van die liberale party en John Elliott, baas van Carlton, sterf oud 79

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John Elliott, die omstrede Australiese sakeman en voormalige federale president van die Liberale party, is oorlede op ouderdom 79. Elliott was ook twee dekades lank president van die Carlton -sokkerklub voordat hy ontslaan is..

Brittanje staar 'n drievoudige knou in die gesig - en die politieke koste vir die Tories kan groot wees

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Lank voor was daar sprake van 'n energiekrisis, die regering lyk kwesbaar. Ekonomiese groei vertraag en inflasie styg. Ten spyte van die Indiese somer, Die infeksiesyfers van Covid-19 bly hoog, en die ...

Gordon Elliott savours winning feeling again after returning from suspension

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For the first time since early March, a Gordon Elliott runner walked into a winner’s enclosure at Sligo on Wednesday as the Grand National-winning trainer recorded his first success after being banned from the sport f...

'Dit is verkeerd': Elliott ongelukkig nadat Leeds misluk het met appèl teen Struijk se rooi kaart

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Leeds se appèl teen die rooi kaart wat Pascal Struijk in Sondag gewys is 3-0 nederlaag deur Liverpool was onsuksesvol, wat Harvey Elliott aangespoor het om die besluit van die voetbalvereniging as verkeerd te beskryf. Struijk was sen ...

Liverpool’s Harvey Elliott ‘overwhelmed by the love’ after suffering injury

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Harvey Elliott has said he has been “totally overwhelmed by the love and support” after badly dislocating his ankle in Liverpool’s 3-0 Premier League win at Leeds. The 18-year-old midfielder sustained the injury in a ...

Liverpool victory over Leeds marred by serious injury to Harvey Elliott

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Anyone seeking a perfect definition of the word “formidable” need look no further than a film of the day Mohamed Salah scored his 100th Premier League goal and Jürgen Klopp’s Liverpool made their title ambitions plain...

Road pricing may be the best option as number of electric cars rises

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It all seems so simple. By the end of this decade the government will ban the sale of petrol and diesel vehicles. Cars will be greener and cleaner, making it easier to achieve the goal of a net carbon zero future. Bor...

Keir Starmer may be against the Tories’ tax hike, but Labour needs ideas of its own

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For decades, many on the left have hankered for the social democratic political settlement of other European countries. Brittanje, it has been said, should ditch Thatcherism once and for all, and embrace higher taxes as...

So what’s so wrong with labour shortages driving up low wages?

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The number of job vacancies has topped the 1m level for the first time. Firms are screaming out for staff. Labour shortages abound. Wage growth is accelerating. There are calls from industry lobby groups for the gover...

The pandemic-induced global slump is just part of a 20-year financial crisis

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Every year since 1978 the world’s central bankers have gathered to chew the fat at Jackson Hole in the Grand Tetons. This year’s star attraction is the most influential central banker of them all – Jerome Powell – and...

Sunak’s stamp duty holiday hard to square with ’levelling up’ rhetoric

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Rishi Sunak’s approval ratings tell their own story. The chancellor’s stock is high, because the Treasury’s furlough scheme has limited the job losses from the pandemic. But while Sunak has had a much better crisis th...

Rise of cryptocurrencies can be traced to Nixon abandoning gold in 1971

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Few dates in economic history classify as turning points but one of them was 15 Augustus 1971 when Richard Nixon went on TV to announce that the US would no longer exchange dollars held by foreign governments for gold. ...

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