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Ellie Robinson’s speech shows how sport gives disabled people a superpower

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I’ve just dropped Sarah Storey off at the airport. On the way, we had a really good chat in the back of the taxi. I’ve known Dame Sarah for 20 jare; we competed at the Sydney Paralympics together and what she’s achie...

Ellie Simmonds ready to end career in Paralympics after freestyle fifth place

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The five-time gold medallist Ellie Simmonds expects Tokyo 2020 to be her final Paralympics. Great Britain’s opening ceremony flagbearer failed to win a medal in the Japanese capital after she was reinstated into fifth...

Ellie Robinson hints at retirement but insists ‘this is a triumph, not a defeat’

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Ellie Robinson, the British Paralympic swimmer, has revealed the struggles she endured just to get to Tokyo as she battled a chronic condition in her right hip that looks set to end her swimming career on the day she ...

Ellie Simmonds: ‘I’ve found the expectations harder as I’ve got older’

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“I think when you’re in that massive bubble, when you’re in the village, sometimes you don’t look at people’s disabilities. You just look at them as human beings and who they are. You forget they have a disability and...

Swimming superstar Ellie Cole on diversity, accessibility and bringing people joy

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Ellie Cole is a bonafide Australian sporting champion. Yet as other women athletes, or sportspeople of colour, or other minorities can attest, success is no shield sometimes. "Jy weet, six years ago, I was working at...

Ellie & Abbie (& Ellie’s Dead Aunt) review – lesbian romcom could do better

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It could have been a sweet, gay coming-of-age story about a girl whose sexual awakening is complicated by unwelcome gay mentorship from the ghost of her lesbian aunt. But there’s a disconnect between the naive but wel...