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Meghan joins Ellen DeGeneres for surprise TV interview – live

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Duchess of Sussex to discuss ‘growing up and returning to California’ on US chatshow – follow live

Ellen White detiene la mala racha del Manchester City en la WSL con el empate del derbi en el United

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Esto fue fascinante, Derbi de alto octanaje que terminó con Manchester United y Manchester City compartiendo merecidamente el botín. Los visitantes tomaron la delantera en la primera parte gracias a un gol de Khadija Shaw momentos después..

Ellen White closes on England scoring record with double in Luxembourg rout

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Ellen White scored twice as England Women enjoyed a 10-0 World Cup qualifying win against Luxembourg, taking her international tally to 43, three goals short of Kelly Smith’s all‑time England goalscoring record. White...

Ellen van Dijk ends long wait for second world championship time trial title

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Ellen van Dijk of the Netherlands endured a long and painful wait for her second world time trial title, eight years after she won for the first time at the 2013 championship in Tuscany. On Monday the Dutch racer set ...

Charlie Watts showed us how a man could be – cool, modest and always classy

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I was fortunate enough to meet Charlie Watts, the Rolling Stones drummer who died on Tuesday, interviewing him in 2000 for one of his beloved jazz projects. In the interview, I managed to call George Harrison “the bas...

Tearful Ellen White ‘would have given up every goal’ for Olympic gold

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A crushed and tear-stained Ellen White said she “would have given up every single goal to win a gold medal”, after Team GB suffered a bruising 4-3 defeat by Australia in extra time of their Olympic semi-final. Team G...

The Exorcist: Ellen Burstyn to reprise role in new $400m trilogy

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Universal is set to pay $400m for the rights to a new trilogy continuing the story of The Exorcist. The new films will see original star Ellen Burstyn reprise her Oscar-nominated role of Chris MacNeil alongside Hamilt...

Ellen White’s flash of subtle brilliance lights up Team GB’s sluggish display

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For long periods in Sapporo, as this Group E game between Japan and Team GB meandered and sagged at the edges, Ellen White did very little of note. White moved into useful spaces, found interesting angles and offered ...

Juegos Olímpicos: Ellen White sends Team GB to knockouts with winner against Japan

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Ellen White scored her third goal at the Tokyo Olympics as a patient Team GB ensured their passage to the knockout stage with a 1-0 defeat of hosts Japan. The win means Team GB go into their final game of Group E agai...

Ellen White’s double leads Team GB to opening Olympics win over Chile

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After the clasp of teammates around Ellen White peeled away following her close-range strike against Chile that brought Team GB’s first goal in 3,277 dias, the forward looked down and held her hands to her face in her...

It’s not our health that concerns you, guys. It’s women having fun

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Has the World Health Organization met any women before? On such occasions, are its representatives dismayed that women aren’t lowering their eyes and curtsying? I only ask, because part of the WHO’s draft global alcoh...

Harassment of girls at school just reflects back the world of adults

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Does the pornification of school culture in the UK merely reflect the adult world back at us? Ofsted reports that sexual harassment and online sexual abuse are so routine for schoolchildren that they barely bother rep...

Just enjoy your success, Kate Winslet. Your husband can take care of himself

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Why do highly successful women feel they must overpraise spouses who merely do what women do all the time? Kate Winslet is having a “moment” with the television series Mare of Easttown and deservedly so. Todavía, why di...

Afrofuturism and the sex life of coral – inside the wild mind of Ellen Gallagher

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Talking to Ellen Gallagher about her paintings is a multi-dimensional slalom ride: we swerve from the social lives of pictures to the sex life of coral and the transportation of slaves across oceans and centuries. Rig...

Of course Carrie Symonds loves Dilyn, so why mock her for that?

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While obviously not the most important takeaway from The Great Outpouring, Dominic Cummings really hates Carrie Symonds, no el? Understandable really. She took his best mate away. They were so close, but then she...

Kelly Clarkson to replace Ellen DeGeneres on US daytime TV

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NBC has announced that Kelly Clarkson will take the daytime slot vacated by the talkshow anchor Ellen DeGeneres, once her eponymous show ends in 2022. The network announced on Wednesday that the 39-year-old pop singer...

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