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‘He’s elegant, turbato, and very sexual’: Mahmoud Khaled’s museum to an imaginary gay man

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Definition of a contemporary nightmare: you lose your phone and your most intimate details are made public. Such is the premise of an intriguing new exhibition by Egypt-born artist Mahmoud Khaled called Fantasies on a...

Recensione My Fair Lady – perfettamente elegante, mai così tranquillo

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Questa ghirlanda di produzione del musical di Alan Jay Lerner e Frederick Loewe, fresco di Broadway, è la definizione di una serata confortante a teatro. Passa da una canzone molto amata all'altra su un elegante...

New Worlds: The Cradle of Civilization review – Bill Murray’s elegant, eccentric concert film

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Maybe you had to be there. There is something extravagant and irresistible about the idea of an old-fashioned cultural evening of musical and spoken-word performance. Hollywood legend Bill Murray does the droll litera...

The Antonioni of splatter: welcome to the gruesomely elegant world of Lucio Fulci

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There is more than one candidate for the title Godfather of Gore, but Italian film-maker Lucio Fulci can lay greater claim to it than most. This is a director who seems pathologically incapable of filming someone fall...

Elegant, charming and light – is the kimono jacket the perfect summer option?

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There’s a certain poetry when the weather flits from one extreme to another. Snow in April; bitterly cold winds one minute, then blazing hot sun the next. But in terms of dictating a dress code for the day, it is usel...

Last Best Hope review: George Packer’s elegant dissection of America in crisis

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Nel 2021, almost nothing is harder to write than a fresh take on the multiple crises confronting post-Trump America. But with this sharp, short new book, that is exactly what George Packer has given us, confirming his ...

My Name Is Gulpilil review – sublime, humane, elegant traversal of Indigenous actor’s life in film

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People in the entertainment industry sometimes speak about performers having the “it” factor – a difficult to define quality not necessarily apparent in real life, but ushered into shimmering existence on stage or scr...

Let Me Tell You What I Mean by Joan Didion review – elegant essays spanning four decades

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Rejection letters, California dreams and clear reflections on writing in a collection that explores self-doubt In the first essay of this new volume of previously uncollected pieces, Joan Didion makes a case against n...