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Bristol votes to scrap directly elected mayoral role

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Bristol’s Labour mayor has suffered a blow after the city voted to end the role. Marvin Rees, the first person of black African heritage to become a directly elected mayor in a major European city, will serve out his ...

Malawiese kampvegter maak geskiedenis as land se eerste verkose LP met albinisme

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Die eerste Malawiër met albinisme wat 'n verkose LP geword het, het Maandag sy stoel in die nuwe parlement ingeneem, geskiedenis maak in die Suider-Afrikaanse land. Dit is ook 'n belangrike mylpaal in 'n kontinent waar mense ...

Michelle Wu word Boston se eerste vrou en persoon van kleur wat tot burgemeester verkies word

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Michelle Wu het geskiedenis gemaak nadat sy as burgemeester van Boston verkies is, word die eerste vrou en persoon van kleur wat tot die posisie in byna verkies is 200 jare. “Uit elke hoek van ons stad, Boston het gepraat. Ons is ...

Johnson’s disregard for rules helped him get elected – but it’s starting to wear thin

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Are we nearly there yet? It is the backseat question that haunts long journeys, except in Britain’s pandemic road trip the impatient whine comes from the driver. Boris Johnson was itching for a release from the moment...

TV vanaand: the civil rights lawyer elected Philadelphia’s top lawman

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A remarkable eight-part series from Storyville, following the election of outsider and progressive prosecutor Larry Krasner to become district attorney of Philadelphia – a city with one of the highest incarceration r...

‘We did our bit to get Biden elected’: Peter Baynham on writing for Borat, Brass Eye and Alan Partridge

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For a quarter of a century now, Peter Baynham has been one of the writers behind Britain’s sharpest comedians and satirists, including Sacha Baron Cohen, Chris Morris and Steve Coogan. In 2005, egter, he began to wo...

Labour’s Tracy Brabin verkies tot eerste burgemeester van West Yorkshire

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Labour’s Tracy Brabin is verkies tot die eerste burgemeester van West Yorkshire, die instel van nog 'n bykeuse in 'n marginale setel wat deur Boris Johnson se konserwatiewes geteiken word. Brabin is aangewys as die eerste West Yorkshire..

Liverpool kies UK se eerste regstreeks verkose swart vroulike burgemeester

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Liverpool het geskiedenis gemaak deur die UK se eerste regstreeks verkose swart vroulike burgemeester te kies en die eerste vrou wat die stad lei. Die verkiesing van Joanne Anderson was Vrydag een van die min goeie nuusberigte vir Arbeid..

Hongkong: directly elected seats slashed as China brings in voting system changes

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Beijing has approved a sweeping overhaul of Hong Kong’s electoral system as part of its efforts to consolidate its increasingly authoritarian grip on the global financial hub. The new measures include slashing the num...

Italian ex-prime minister Enrico Letta elected to lead Democratic party

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A former Italian prime minister, Enrico Letta, has been elected leader of the centre-left Democratic party (PD), the second largest party in Mario Draghi’s government, as another former prime minister, Giuseppe Conte,...