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'Kom saam met my op hierdie reis': Elaine Mitchener, Brittanje se gewaagste sanger

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Uitvoering van haar stuk Sweet Tooth, Elaine Mitchener se hande word iemand anders se hande. Vleis word gestamp, boude word geklap, borste word gegryp. Haar vingers reik binne -in haar mond, vishaak haar wange in 'n grimas, ...

Instagram blocks Elaine Thompson-Herah for posting videos of her own golds

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Instagram blocked Jamaica’s Elaine Thompson-Herah after the double Olympic champion shared footage of her victories in Tokyo. Thompson-Herah posted video of her family celebrating her golds in the 100m and 200m along ...

Elaine Thompson-Herah strikes second gold of Tokyo 2020 in 200m final

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Jamaica’s Elaine Thompson-Herah completed the double double after defending her 200 metres title at the Olympics. The 29-year-old finished ahead of Namibia’s Christine Mboma and the USA’s Gabby Thomas in Tokyo on Tues...

Elaine Thompson-Herah takes stunning Olympic gold in women’s 100m

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Elaine Thompson-Herah produced a stunning sprinting performance to take gold in the women’s 100m at the Tokyo Olympics. The Jamaican, who won the blue riband event at Rio in 2016, held off her compatriots Shelly-Ann F...

‘We want our land back’: for descendants of the Elaine massacre, history is far from settled

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The history of the race massacre in Elaine, Arkansas, has always been contested. It is widely accepted that in 1919, a group of white men, with the backing of federal troops, tortured and killed scores of Black resid...