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Le Pen is bad, but many French Muslims like me don’t want to vote for Macron either

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Like clockwork, Muslim women have once again become a central topic in French politics, as people prepare to vote in the second round of the presidential election on Sunday. “For me, the question of the headscarf is n...

Millions in the US still don’t feel seen by either political party. My dad is one of them

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A few days after the insurrection at the Capitol, my father Jack started sending emails from his Lincoln, Kansas, home to his representative and senators in Congress. For some reason, he was also cc-ing me on these ex...

We are all either desperately lonely – or desperate for alone time. Which are you?

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I have had no more than a few hours on my own in a year. All this time with my family means I never have time to thinkWhat would you give for a day on your own? Fifty pounds, £1,000, a toe? Perhaps that feels offensiv...

While the Tories don’t rate Starmer yet, many don’t fancy their own boss either

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Keir Starmer has spent most of his first year as Labour leader giving speeches to empty rooms. He has had to gauge whether his leadership is transforming the party or falling flat using different methods than usual: t...

Cameron’s clever defence: that he can’t do a proper job after leaving office either

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Hauled before two select committees to answer for his Greensill lobbying role, David Cameron yesterday claimed his text to the treasury asking for a “rate cut” might in fact have meant to say “VAT cut.” As the former ...

Nudge or nutcracker? Either way PM faces vaccine passport backlash

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What was billed as “freedom day” has ended with accusations that the government has paved the way for exactly the opposite, as Boris Johnson braces for the backlash to his plans to introduce vaccine passports in a mat...

Josh Warrington likely to seek decisive Lara fight before either can move on

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The disappointment etched on the faces of Josh Warrington and Mauricio Lara ran as deep as the wide and bloody gash which opened above the Mexican’s left eye after the two fighters clashed heads in the second round of...

Baker Mayfield is not the problem. But he’s not the solution either

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The Cardinals clubbed the Browns 37-14 on the road on Sunday to move to 6-0 on the season. They now have the league’s last remaining undefeated record. For Cleveland, it was the same old nagging question: Is Baker May...

Will T20 cricket mutate or stagnate? Either way it should be fun finding out

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Not long after the second world war, in an attempt to discover more humane and peaceable functions for the frightening new toy of atomic power, the US government adopted a policy of deliberately radiating fruit. At th...