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Einstein’s notes on theory of relativity set to fetch millions at auction

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Albert Einstein’s handwritten notes on the theory of relativity are being auctioned in Paris on Tuesday and are expected to fetch millions of euros. “This is without a doubt the most valuable Einstein manuscript ever ...

Einstein’s handwritten calculations for theory of relativity to be auctioned for €3m

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A crucial series of Albert Einstein’s calculations, scrawled down as the physicist struggled to account for an anomaly in the orbit of Mercury while developing his theory of general relativity, is set to be auctioned ...

Einstein’s theories play their part in our time

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A word of caution on the latest observations of the universe and earlier theories such as those of Albert Einstein (Astronomers create largest map of the universe’s dark matter, 27 Mei). All such observations and conc...

Chris Packham’s Animal Einsteins review – a balm for frayed minds

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Deciding what you can cope with watching during a pandemic is a high-wire act. When the inside of your head – and, for many, the outside, too – is an extended episode of 24 Hours in A&E, the last thing you probabl...