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Jonas Eidevall takes blame after WSL leaders Arsenal beaten at Birmingham

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Arsenal’s manager, Jonas Eidevall, conceded that the shock 2-0 defeat of the Women’s Super League leaders at Birmingham City, who began the day rooted to the bottom of the table, was “100% my responsibility”. Libby Sm...

Arsenal Women’s Eidevall wants plan to halt ‘boring’ international mismatches

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The Arsenal Women head coach, Jonas Eidevall, believes international football needs a shake-up to avoid overwhelming margins of victory that risk putting off the game’s burgeoning audience. England won 10-0 in a World...

Arsenal set WSL pace as Eidevall brings intensity and intelligence

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As the Women’s Super League season pauses for the international break, unbeaten Arsenal top the table after five games and are on a mission to reclaim the title from the back-to-back winners, Chelsea. Intussen, there...

Arsenal head coach Jonas Eidevall aims for Women’s Champions League glory

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The Arsenal women’s head coach, Jonas Eidevall, says he aims to win the Champions League during his time at the club, and that the challenge was fundamental in his decision to join from the Swedish club Rosengard. Ars...