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The egregious Sewell report only bolsters those who want to discredit antiracism

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Among the first to congratulate the Commission on Ethnic and Racial Disparities on the publication of its report were, unsurprisingly, David Goodhart of the rightwing thinktank Policy Exchange, and Birkbeck professor ...

‘An egregious breach of public trust’: Ohio sues Meta over whistleblower revelations

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Filing suit in response to whistleblower allegations which have rocked Facebook, the attorney general of Ohio, Dave Yost, accused the social media company of “creating misery and divisiveness for profit”. Yost sued Me...

‘Egregious acts of violence’: why is Eric Adams cracking down on subway buskers and mango sellers?

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First it was selling mangoes; now it’s playing saxophones. Under Mayor Eric Adams, New York City police have dramatically stepped up arrests of solo entrepreneurs trying to scrape a living in the city’s subways. Last ...