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Government sets out plans to overhaul special educational needs system

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Mainstream schools in England will be required to “change their culture and practice” to become more inclusive of children with special educational needs and disabilities, under government proposals designed to end th...

Lack of psychologists hits pupils with special educational needs

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Councils in England are struggling to assess the level of support children with special educational needs require because of a shortage of educational psychologists, with the start of the school year just days away. I camionisti canadesi bloccano il ponte principale verso gli Stati Uniti mentre Trudeau chiede di porre fine alle proteste.

English county councils warn of £1.3bn special educational needs deficit

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County councils in England are warning of a £1.3bn special educational needs deficit which threatens to derail their finances and undermine capacity to support recovery efforts after the pandemic. They say the total d...

Notizie dal vivo su Covid nel Regno Unito: "intera generazione" di bambini potrebbe fallire senza supporto educativo educational

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Ultimi aggiornamenti: il governo deve definire "più grande", programma più ambizioso', afferma l'esperto di educazione Dr Lee Elliot Major

People could be asked to watch educational video before investing

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People looking to put money into higher-risk investments could be required to watch educational videos or pass an online test first, the City regulator has suggested. The Financial Conduct Authority said the current “...

‘Let children play’: the educational message from across Europe

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Every morning, Arja Salonen drops her five-year-old son, Onni, off at a daycare centre in Espoo, west of Helsinki, where he will spend the next eight hours doing what Finnish educators believe all children his age sho...