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UK going backwards on tackling media’s racism, warns new Voice editor

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The new editor of Britain’s only black national newspaper has warned the UK is going backwards in recognising institutional racism in the media and wider society. Lester Holloway, who was announced on Thursday as edit...

FT editor among 180 journalists identified by clients of spyware firm

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The editor of the Financial Times is one of more than 180 editors, investigative reporters and other journalists around the world who were selected as possible candidates for surveillance by government clients of the ...

David Randall, former assistant editor of the Observer, sterf bejaardes 70

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David Randall, a former assistant editor of the Observer, is oorlede op ouderdom 70. He passed away at his desk working on a new edition of his book Suburbia, his chronicle of life growing up in the suburbs which was praised f...

‘I’ve outlasted them all’: the spectacular life of the world’s most powerful crossword editor

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Every day thousands of people vie to outsmart one man: Will Shortz, the New York Times’s crossword editor of almost three decades. Crossword fanatics – or “cruciverbalists”, in the parlance – must get their fix, and t...

Spanje se verregse Vox-party onder skoot weens bedekte Twitter-bedreiging teen redakteur

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Verslaggewers sonder grense (RSF) het die verregse Spaanse party, Vox, gekritiseer omdat hy voorgestel het dat die hoof van 'n redaksionele groep wat 'n satiriese tydskrif publiseer wat gereeld die partytjie hou..

Science journal editor says he quit over China boycott article

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The editor of a long-established academic journal has said he resigned after his publisher vetoed a call to boycott Chinese science in protest at Beijing’s treatment of Uyghurs and other Muslim minorities in Xinjiang....

Peter Willis, Pride of Britain founder and ex-Mirror editor, sterf by 54

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Peter Willis, the former editor of the Daily Mirror and founder of the newspaper’s Pride of Britain awards, has died suddenly aged 54. He had been at the newspaper group for 23 jare, rising up from the world of celeb...

‘I felt nauseous in Topshop’: why a fashion editor gave up buying new clothes

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It was April 2019. I was seven months pregnant and in Topshop, looking for something large in which to rehome my body. I was wearing a maternity dress that, if you had seen me pregnant, you would have recognised – a c...

Model behind ‘hands off my hijab’ post is named Vogue Scandinavia editor

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Rawdah Mohamed, the Somali-Norwegian model whose protest against a proposed ban on the hijab in France went viral, has been announced as editor of the soon-to-be-launched Vogue Scandinavia. Mohamed will become the fir...

‘Highbrows no longer ignore high fashion’: our first fashion editor

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“Now comes the Paris week, with the fighting on the stairways, the multilingual shrieking in the salons; a week of over-heating, under-eating, little sleeping; a week of vitiation and dehydration, ineffectively compen...

Washington Post names Sally Buzbee as new executive editor

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Sally Buzbee, senior vice-president and executive editor of the Associated Press, was named on Tuesday as the new executive editor of the Washington Post, succeeding the retired Marty Baron. Buzbee has been AP’s top ...

Los Angeles Times names ESPN’s Kevin Merida as new executive editor

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The Los Angeles Times on Monday said that Kevin Merida, an EPSN executive and editor with extensive newspaper experience, will be its new executive editor. Merida has been editor in chief of ESPN’s The Undefeated, a s...

Life as readers’ editor: ‘Nothing escapes the readership’s attention’

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The readers’ editor has lengthy terms of reference, but in essence this person is a bridge between the readers and editorial – listening to feedback, answering queries, dealing with complaints, and hopefully providing...

Teen Vogue benoem Danielle Kwateng as nuwe uitvoerende redakteur

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Tydskrif het minder as 'n maand aangekondig nadat hy met Alexi McCammond geskei het oor anti-Asiatiese twiets. Teen Vogue het 'n nuwe hoofredakteur aangewys, minder as 'n maand nadat die geteisterde tydskrif van mekaar geskei het..

Martin Woollacott, former Guardian foreign editor, sterf bejaardes 81

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Tributes have been paid to Martin Woollacott, the Guardian’s former foreign correspondent and foreign editor, who has died at the age of 81. Sir Max Hastings, the author, journalist and broadcaster, was among those wh...