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Edgar Wright: cómo Martin Scorsese me ayudó a superar el encierro

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En marzo de 2020, al comienzo del primer bloqueo de Covid, Edgar Wright estaba en posproducción de su nueva película, Anoche en Soho. Con un elenco que incluye a Anya Taylor-Joy, Diana Rigg, Terence Stamp y Rita T ...

Zambia opposition leader takes election lead over Edgar Lungu

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The Zambian opposition leader, Hakainde Hichilema, has taken an early lead over his long-time rival and the incumbent, Edgar Lungu, in the country’s tight and tense presidential election, with the national electoral c...

Edgar Wright’s teenage obsessions: ‘Vic and Bob changed my life’

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I grew up in Wells, the small Somerset town where we filmed Hot Fuzz. My teenage obsession became getting into see films underage. I’d go to the Regal cinema, stick in lots of hair gel, and do an unconvincing low voic...

The Sparks Brothers review – Edgar Wright’s giddy tribute to the Gilbert and George of pop

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Over a whopping two hours and 20 minutos, film-maker Edgar Wright consummates a gigantic act of fanboy love for the glam art-pop duo Sparks, who hailed from California but found fame in Britain on Top of the Pops in t...

Edgar Wright and Kenneth Branagh to premiere latest at Toronto film festival

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New films from Kenneth Branagh and Edgar Wright have been announced as part of this year’s Toronto film festival. The festival, which is typically seen as a major launchpad for films aiming for Oscars, will return to ...