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Nobel economics prize jointly awarded to labour market expert David Card

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A labour market expert whose work influenced the introduction of the UK’s minimum wage has been named as a joint winner of the Nobel economics prize. David Card, a Canadian-born economist, was one of three US-based ac...

Burrito economics: Republican claims about price rises are so much hot air

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House Republicans are blaming Democrats for the rise in Chipotle burrito prices. You heard me right. The National Republican Congressional Committee (NRCC) issued a statement on Wednesday claiming that Chipotle’s rec...

Biden attempts to consign trickle-down economics to the dustbin of history

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Cut taxes on the rich. Unleash a wave of entrepreneurship. Growth will pick up and more jobs will be created. Everybody benefits. That, in essence, is trickle down – a theory of economics that Joe Biden wants to consi...

Value(s) by Mark Carney review – call for a new kind of economics

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If 25 years ago anyone had suggested that one of the world’s most prominent ex-central bankers would launch an intellectual broadside at free market fundamentalism for shredding the values on which good societies and ...

The Guardian view on madhouse economics: Tories bet it makes political sense Editorial

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The centrepiece of the government’s economic strategy is to bring the rest of Britain level with London and south-east England in terms of wealth and opportunity. The public remains concerned about regional and income...