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Pressure grows on UK to beef up measures to tackle economic crime

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MPs and anti-corruption experts have warned that the UK government must not delay long-awaited measures to tackle economic crime, after a minister resigned over the government’s failure to prevent more than £4.3bn in ...

Morrison speaks out against China’s ‘economic coercion’ at Davos

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Scott Morrison has taken aim at China for “economic coercion”, foreign interference and cyber attacks in a speech to the Davos World Economic Forum. Without naming the source of “sharper geopolitical competition”, il...

Keynes warned the world against using economic sanctions. His alternative is worth considering

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The United States has come to rely on economic sanctions more than ever before. Following its retreat from Kabul in August, Washington has maintained economic pressure on the Taliban. The treasury’s freezing of $9.5bn...

Feminism is inextricably tied to economic inequality – but Democrats don’t see it

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Here’s a thorny philosophical quandary for you: if you’re a politician who shapes policy and is privy to confidential information that will impact the stock market, should you and your immediate family be able to tra...

From economic miracle to mirage – will China’s GDP ever overtake the US?

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“The east is rising, the west is declining”, according to the narrative propagated by the Chinese Communist party (CCP). Many outside China take its “inevitable rise” as read. On the way to becoming a “modern socialis...

Five economic flashpoints to beware in 2022

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After the turmoil of the past two years, the consensus among economic pundits is that 2022 will be calmer. But in late 2019, when the first reports of a new coronavirus started to filter out from Wuhan in China, few i...

A post-Covid New Deal can restore economic hope in 2022

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Natale 1941 was grim. Japan had attacked Pearl Harbor earlier in the month and its armies were advancing across the Pacific. Hitler’s advance into the Soviet Union had taken the Wehrmacht to the gates of Moscow. Br...

Davos economic forum delayed until summer amid Omicron fears

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The annual Davos gathering of world leaders, billionaires and business chiefs planned for next month has been delayed until the summer amid mounting concerns over the coronavirus Omicron variant. The World Economic Fo...

‘There’s jobs but no money’: Turkey’s economic crisis begins to bite

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In a jewellery shop close to Istanbul’s Taksim Square, Seda unzips an elegant black leather pouch and piles her gold jewellery on the counter to discuss selling it all. The shop owner gently places gold chains, rings ...

China’s indebted property sector highlights a fading economic revival

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China’s economy has become heavily dependent on property development over the last decade. High-rise apartments have mushroomed across hundreds of cities to house a growing white-collar workforce, while glass and stee...

CBI revises next year’s economic growth forecast down to 5.1%

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Economic forecasters have slashed expectations for Britain’s recovery and said further pain could follow, depending on the severity of the Omicron variant of Covid-19 and government action to avoid a “cliff edge” for ...

UK economic recovery to be slower than expected; pandemic worries weigh on euro and gas – business live

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Copertura continua delle ultime notizie economiche e finanziarie

Cafes are scrambling for staff, while other economic ruptures lie hidden

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When Sandy Green, the owner of Green Refectory, a popular cafe in Melbourne’s inner north, advertised a job before the Covid pandemic, she could expect a flood of applicants. Nowadays, as economies roar out of lockdo...

UK economic recovery slows sharply as GDP grows by 1.3%

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Britain’s recovery from its third Covid-19 lockdown slowed sharply over the summer as the economy’s growth was hit by rising infection rates, the pingdemic and global supply shortages. Figures from the Office for Nati...

Message to Democrats: embrace economic bread-and-butter issues to win

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As he set about disembowelling Joe Biden’s Build Back Better bill last month, Joe Manchin paused to offer some cheerful advice for outraged progressives. "[UN]ll they need to do,” said the West Virginia senator, “is el...

Joe Biden calls on ‘every House memberto support economic agenda – video

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Joe Biden called on 'every House member' to support the bipartisan infrastructure bill and the $1.75tn reconciliation package, as some centrist Democrats raise concerns about the latter. The president argued that the ...

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