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E for easy: cycling the Swiss Alps by e-bike

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‘C’est magnifique!” exclaims Armand. Before us lies Switzerland’s Imperial Crown, a spectacular array of five 4,000-metre peaks, with the Matterhorn looming just beyond. Armand and I have reached our magnificent viewp...

Get on your e-bike: scheme may let people try them out in England

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The government is considering funding an “opportunity to try” scheme for electric cycles at holiday and day trip destinations and events as a way to increase the uptake of electric cycles in England. E-bikes provide a...

E-bike left on charge blamed after fire engulfs Sydney home

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A fire that engulfed a three-level house in Sydney on Friday was started by an e-bike that was “left on to charge overnight”, according to firefighters. Meer as 20 firefighters were sent to the Darlinghurst terrace ...