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los 50 mejores programas de televisión de 2021, No 3: Mare of Easttown

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Kate Winslet was reticent, morose and utterly mesmerising as Marianne “Mare” Sheehan, the detective carrying the weight, not just of her own family trauma, but of her entire town in Mare of Easttown. She had lost so m...

Mare of Easttown finale review – Kate Winslet drama is a stunning, harrowing success

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In interviews, Kate Winslet always said it wasn’t a thriller. And she was right. sí, Mare of Easttown (cielo atlántico) began with a murder in a small, bleak Pennsylvania town and Winslet’s police detective Mare Sheehan...

Mare of Easttown: 20 questions the finale must answer

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Advertencia: this article contains spoilers for episodes one to six of Mare of Easttown. Mare of Easttown has become a bona fide phenomenon. A thriller revolving around an aloof, small-town detective tracking down the per...

Mare of Easttown: terrifying, riveting TV that’s a wonder to witness

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Advertencia: this article contains spoilers to episode five of Mare of Easttown on Sky Atlantic/HBO. Please don’t read on if you haven’t watched I get through so much television that my twist-spotting abilities are now at...

Mare of Easttown review – Kate Winslet triumphs in a moreish murder mystery

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Mare of Easttown (cielo atlántico) is a millefeuille of misery, as exquisitely layered and as moreish as the real thing. In rural Pennsylvania, we meet a small-town cop, Mare Sheehan (Kate Winslet). World-weariness, la ...

Mare of Easttown: grumpy cop Kate Winslet leads an onslaught of misery

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Misery is hard to get right. Consider the various spinning plates of despair that wobble throughout the first episode of Mare of Easttown (Monday, 9pm, cielo atlántico), HBO’s Kate Winslet-starring limited series: a miss...