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Taste test: the best high street Easter eggs

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BEST BUY Asda Extra Special The Mint One Dark Chocolate Egg245g, £5, asda.comI am a massive fan of mint chocolate and this is perfect. The chocolate is perfectly thin with a great snap. The balance of mint to dark cho...

Wines to put a spring in your step this Easter

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There are two ways of looking at Easter, I always feel: that it marks the start of spring, which is technically correct, or that it’s the last hurrah of winter, which may well be more appropriate this year, what with ...

Australië nuus regstreeks: Easter holiday plans in chaos with Queensland lockdown and Bluesfest cancellation

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Queensland will find out this morning if lockdown will be extended over Easter. Follow all the latest news and updates, live

Britons splash out £50m more on Easter treats before Covid lockdown eases

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Britons have spent nearly £50m more on Easter treats such as chocolate eggs and hot-cross buns so far this year as the easing of lockdown restrictions leads to households splashing out on treats before long-awaited re...

Florence Knight’s Easter recipes

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Early on Easter morning, I’ll be hiding eggs to continue a tradition that has been in our family for as long as I can remember. Our egg hunt starts with a riddle, to be puzzled over before charging across the dewy gra...

All Scottish pupils to return to school after Easter, Sturgeon says

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First minister says it may be possible to accelerate Scotland’s exit from coronavirus lockdownNicola Sturgeon has said it may be possible to accelerate Scotland’s exit from the coronavirus lockdown, as she confirmed t...

Country diary: rabbits pose for a classic Easter scene

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It’s one of those tranquil early spring evenings, the sky blushing pink as the egg-yolk yellow sun begins to slip below the horizon. Standing on the bridge that spans the Langbrook stream, I watch a pair of courting m...

Choose a better future for all, Justin Welby tells UK in Easter sermon

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The archbishop of Canterbury has called on Britons to be more generous as they emerge from the pandemic, urging people to provide a “better future for all” rather than living in a society that only benefits the rich a...

The big picture: the end of the Easter eggs

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The Belgian photographer Nick Hannes took this picture of his daughter Billie last Easter, when the pandemic had first upended the world. It is one of the early pictures in his visual diary of lockdown, which he calls...

Gerry Adams unveils Irish unity-themed Easter egg

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Gerry Adams has launched his latest bid for Irish unity, this time in the form of a chocolate egg. In a video shared on Twitter, the former Sinn Féin president unveiled a “very, very, very special package that we have...

Police issue Easter Covid warning after mild weather forecast

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Police forces across the UK have warned people to avoid large gatherings and abide by the Covid travel restrictions that remain in place, after dry and sunny weather was forecast for much of the country over the Easte...

Death by chocolate: Kennel Club in Easter warning to dog owners

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From chocolate eggs to hot cross buns and simnel cake, for many Easter is a time for sweet treats. But experts have warned they can cause potentially fatal health problems for dogs. According to data from the the Kenn...

The New Gospel review – a thrilling and unsettling Easter story

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Milo Rau keeps you on your toes. On stage, the Belgium-based director is drawn to true stories often performed by non-actors playing themselves. In productions such as La Reprise, about a homophobic murder, and Famili...

New Zealand town where Easter is all about wiping about bunnies

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New Zealand hunters have celebrated a return to tradition this Easter: shooting thousands of rabbits, an introduced species that threatens the country’s biodiversity as well as agriculture. The Great Easter Bunny Hunt...

Slow-cooked lamb, chocolate and hazelnut buns: Yotam Ottolenghi’s Easter recipes

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In spite of – or maybe because of – all that has changed since March 2020, I feel particularly drawn to food traditions this year. There is something hugely comforting, ek dink, about cooking a particular dish at a pa...

Easter promise: the patisserie built on a friendship that bridges Istanbul’s divides

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Fehmi Yıldıran remembers how, growing up in the Anatolian town of Bolu, every spring he and the other children used to boil eggs and dye them red using onion skins. He didn’t find out what the tradition was about unti...

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