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‘Meltdown’ at UK passport renewals forces travellers to cancel Easter breaks

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Travellers are being forced to cancel Easter travel bookings because of a backlog at HM Passport Office which is delaying renewals. Some passengers have been left hundreds of pounds out of pocket because their new pas...

‘The darkness of war’: Ukraine crisis dominates leaders’ Easter messages

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Boris Johnson has said the war in Ukraine amplifies Jesus Christ’s message of good triumphing over evil, with the nation’s independence dominating political and religious Easter messages on Sunday. Delivering his spee...

‘This season is difficult’: Ukrainian refugees in Warsaw mark Orthodox Easter away from home

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On a sunny Saturday afternoon in Warsaw, a crowd of people pour out from the gates of the Eastern Orthodox Cathedral of St Mary Magdalen. The queue of families carrying wicker baskets covered in embroidered cloth stre...

‘We don’t want people to know’: Moscow-aligned Easter service in Kyiv

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As Ukraine celebrated the high point of the Orthodox year, the capital’s Pechersk Lavra – a monastery complex that has allegiance to the Moscow Patriarch – held an Easter service under unusually strained circumstances...

All Scottish pupils to return to school after Easter, Sturgeon says

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First minister says it may be possible to accelerate Scotland’s exit from coronavirus lockdownNicola Sturgeon has said it may be possible to accelerate Scotland’s exit from the coronavirus lockdown, as she confirmed t...

An Easter sunshine rush won’t ensure a bright future for BA

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So will the Easter getaway herald the resurrection of British Airways and its owner International Airlines Group (IAG), or will the computer say no? The first big holiday break of the year and the start of the summer ...

As a Catholic, I take Easter seriously. But it also is a very big weekend for football

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The screenwriter and novelist Frank Cottrell-Boyce texted me this week with an idea: “You need to write a piece about the dilemma of trying to create a bubble of prayer around the days of the Triduum while having tick...

Australië nuus regstreeks: Easter holiday plans in chaos with Queensland lockdown and Bluesfest cancellation

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Queensland will find out this morning if lockdown will be extended over Easter. Follow all the latest news and updates, leef

Boris Johnson is die paashaas - spotprent

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Die premier het seisoenale lekkernye in sy mandjie (en 'n paar slegte eiers)• U kan u eie prentjie van hierdie spotprent koop

Britons splash out £50m more on Easter treats before Covid lockdown eases

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Britons have spent nearly £50m more on Easter treats such as chocolate eggs and hot-cross buns so far this year as the easing of lockdown restrictions leads to households splashing out on treats before long-awaited re...

Kan jy dit oplos? Tasty buns for Easter eggheads

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Hot cross teasersToday’s paschal problems are from the archive of US puzzle maker Sam Loyd [1841-1911]. Two dynamo teasers for ‘dynamo teaser’*.1. The famous hot cross bun puzzleThis familiar nursery rhyme conceals a ...

Choose a better future for all, Justin Welby tells UK in Easter sermon

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The archbishop of Canterbury has called on Britons to be more generous as they emerge from the pandemic, urging people to provide a “better future for all” rather than living in a society that only benefits the rich a...

Country diary: rabbits pose for a classic Easter scene

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It’s one of those tranquil early spring evenings, the sky blushing pink as the egg-yolk yellow sun begins to slip below the horizon. Standing on the bridge that spans the Langbrook stream, I watch a pair of courting m...

Crack on! John Whaite rates the best and worst chocolate Easter eggs

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Strazzanti Mini Sicilian pistachio-filled Easter egg chocolate truffles325g, £18, strazzanti.coGlorious, glorious. A true pistachio flavour. The chocolate is very delicate and it complements the filling. For all pista...

Death by chocolate: Kennel Club in Easter warning to dog owners

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From chocolate eggs to hot cross buns and simnel cake, for many Easter is a time for sweet treats. But experts have warned they can cause potentially fatal health problems for dogs. According to data from the the Kenn...

Did you solve it? Tasty buns for Easter eggheads

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Earlier today I set you two puzzles by the veteran US puzzle inventor Sam Loyd. 1. The famous hot cross bun puzzle This familiar nursery rhyme conceals a riddle: Hot cross buns, hot cross buns,One a penny, two a penn...

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